Friday, 29 January 2010

Natural hair styling products can create iconic looks

Sometimes ladies get stuck in a rut with their locks and how to use natural hair styling products to the best effect, but MSN has injected some excitement with a rundown of their most iconic hairstyles ever.

The website places Audrey Hepburn's classic up-do among its top looks, made famous in Breakfast At Tiffany's, with volumising natural hair styling products being a must for it.

Another historic look is the curly locks seen on Marilyn Monroe, with this coming back into fashion at the moment, as are the big waves of Farrah Fawcett.

One look we are hoping never comes back is the gothic punk look, as sported by Cher in the 1980s.

More recently the 'Rachel from Friends' look was admired by many and is still seen today, as is Scarlett Johansson's classy brunette look, which can be created with minimal natural hair styling products.

For a more up-to-date look, ladies can adopt the quiff, which In Style magazine has tipped to be big over the next few months.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19587407-ADNFCR

Follow Ciara's fresh-faced look with natural cosmetics

US singer Ciara said she loves a fresh-faced look, using natural cosmetics to create a flawless feel.

The star told beauty and fashion advice website StyleList that her makeup artist creates the sheer look without being heavy on natural cosmetics.

Yolonda Frederick, the star's makeup expert, said that she uses bronzy undertones and radiant cheeks to create the look.

'I like to make her eyes sparkle with a warm smoky eye and top the look off with a baby doll pink lip,' she told the website.

When doing Ciara's eyebrows, the expert said that she applies a deep, warm brown colour to the area with an angled brush, which people can recreate at home with natural cosmetics.

Ms Frederick said that the look helps to balance out her features and accentuates the bone structure of her face.

Ladies will certainly want to take tips from this expert, as Ciara has recently been praised for the dark shades of makeup used in the shoot for French magazine L'Officiel. She was seen sporting dark purples and sparkly black on her eyes.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19586730-ADNFCR

Is lipstick becoming a must-have natural cosmetics item?

Lipgloss has been among our natural cosmetics for so long that it seems many have forgotten about the faithful lipstick, but fear not – it is having a resurgence.

The Independent said that young ladies are embracing bolder tones on their lips and using sticks alongside gloss.

Lauren Sherman, a young blogger on Fashionista, said that she usually dons lip balm or a glaze, but at the moment her eye has been caught by rich, matte lipsticks.

Embracing the natural cosmetics, Sherman added that she is ready to 'fully convert to matte lipsticks this spring'.

Peter Phillips, who is a big name in the makeup world, told women's website WWD that, while there is nothing wrong with a bit of gloss, applying lipstick is a touch more feminine.

Ladies looking to add to their natural cosmetics with a good lipstick should plump for a classic red or the more candy colours being seen this season, like bright pink.

Those a bit worried about embracing colour on their lips can be safe in the knowledge that they will be on trend, as Stylist magazine has recently pointed out that many celeb ladies are going for a bright red pout.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19585653-ADNFCR

'Plump for natural skincare not soap' to stop dry winter skin

The winter is playing havoc with some people's skin, but rather than covering it up with long sleeves, ladies should embrace natural skincare.

Sally Penford, education manager at the International Dermal Institute, told the Flintshire Chronicle that central heating dries skin out in winter, especially if women are going from freezing cold outdoors to hot indoors.

The expert advised against using soap, as it has an acidic pH, saying that it strips your skin barrier, leading 'your skin vulnerable'.

Exfoliating scrubs are advised, to slog off dead cells and brighten skin, while SPF is another thing that ladies should look for in their natural skincare products.

Feet should be lavished with moisturiser, as they are likely to suffer the worst in cold weather. Dr Susan Mayou, a consultant dermatologist, told the newspaper: 'Frequent application of an effective moisturiser acts as a barrier against the cold and can prevent dryness.'

Moisturiser on the hands will also help to nourish nails, stopping them cracking and become dry.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19585652-ADNFCR

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Inject some colour into natural cosmetics

As the cold winter months drag on, ladies need to embrace colour in their natural cosmetics to brighten up the days.

Makeup expert Ruby Hammer told OK! magazine that dewy skin needs to be created as the perfect base, while quick bursts of colour should be used elsewhere on the face.

'Think quite pretty and glamourous. Team great skin with a 50s-style matte peach, coral or red lip and strong eyebrows,' she added.

The expert said that the look has been taken off the runway after designers like Versace matched fresh-looking skin with bright colour on the eyes and nude lips.

Makeup artist Jemma Kidd told the magazine that purple is the ideal colour for natural cosmetics, but warned that it only works well as an accent rather than an all-over look.

Lavera's eyeshadow Duo Number 2 was recently praised for injecting colour into natural cosmetics, with Feelgood Style blogger Liz Thompson saying that it created a 'deep sultriness'.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19584336-ADNFCR

Expert: Guys should pick natural beauty products designed for them

Guys are increasingly getting in on the action when it comes to natural beauty products, but one expert has advised them to pick items which suit their skin, rather than just opting for what their friends or other halves have got.

Jason Wigglesworth, operations director of the salon chain Gentry Grooming Co, said that rather than nicking their girlfriend's products, guys should look for items which suit their skin. His comments come after research from Sheila's Wheels last week showed that many guys borrow their partner's beauty products.

'This is due to some of the following - more testosterone, lower levels of PH, the skin is thicker and more acidic, also it produces more oils - a major contributor to spots,' he added.

The expert added that now we are seeing a new breed of men who are not ashamed to reach for creams and natural beauty products to improve their looks.

Another boom Mr Wigglesworth has noted is that more guys are taking tweezers to their eyebrows and tidying them up.

'What more could a women ask for?' he added.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19582857-ADNFCR

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A few natural hair styling products can perfect a quiff

Height is big in hair this season and the latest trend that ladies should be tackling with their natural hair styling products is the quiff.

It has been sported by Danni Minogue, Rachel McAdams and Gwen Stefani recently, meaning it is a must for the rest of us to try.

According to In Style magazine, ladies can adapt the look for day and night by picking the section of hair that they are going to quiff - a smaller one will lead to a more subtle look.

The first natural hair styling product quiffers need to get their hands on is volumising mousse, applying it to the front section of hair.

Ladies should then rough dry the hair from the crown, lifting the roots, which is when the backcombing could begin.

'The trick is to do it from behind so that you still have a smooth finish at the front,' the magazine recommended, saying that once the volume has been achieved ladies should smooth the top over with a brush.

Natural hair styling products will be needed to slick back the rest of the hair, meaning the quiff really stands out.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19581587-ADNFCR

Expert: Nails should be matte and subtle this year

Nails are all about subtlety this year, as colours should be gentle and have a matte finish.

The Independent said that longer talons, which have previously been frowned upon, are on trend but that they need to be kept neat to look classy.

Ladies should pick natural cosmetics for the nails which are coral red, purple or jade green, as they are top hues at the moment.

'Finally, the 'polish' in 'nail polish' could soon be a thing of the past, as most labels are going for matte versions of their colours,' the newspaper added.

Another top trend in nails this year is keeping them nude, with many embracing these natural cosmetics at the recent Golden Globe awards.

In Style magazine said that Sandra Bullock and Drew Barrymore went for the look this year, ranging from pretty pinks to dusky browns.

Meanwhile some celebs went without polish altogether and just opted for buffed and moisturised talons.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19581581-ADNFCR

Rosy cheeks are easy with a few natural cosmetics

Now that the weather is not so cold, us ladies have lost the rosy glow to our cheeks but, fear not, natural cosmetics can help to solve this.

Women should start with well-hydrated skin to make sure that their base is nourished, followed by tinted moisturiser.

Makeup expert Ruby Hammer recently emphasised this to Stylist magazine, saying that priming skin with moisturiser before foundation is applied helps it to stay in place.

The Times advised that full-coverage foundation is too heavy for the look, so the coloured moisturiser will rejuvenate the complexion.

Following that, ladies should buy light-reflecting natural cosmetics, including concealer, to give a glow. The newspaper suggested applying it under the eyes, around the nostrils, the centre of the chin and any other blemishes.

Next up ladies need to get a pearly luminous highlighter, applying it to the cheekbones, the brow bone, the cupid's bow and on the bridge of the nose.

The last step is applying cream blusher, with the newspaper adding: 'Get to grips with cream versions instead. Smile and lightly pat a small amount of the cream blush onto the roundest part of your cheeks.'ADNFCR-2885-ID-19581107-ADNFCR

Statement lips 'are a must this season'

Natural cosmetics are all about lips this season, so ladies need to get out there and buy some bright shades.

Stylist magazine said that the look was big at the Golden Globes this year, with Cameron Diaz being one celebrity lady who embraced a shocking red pout.

The publication said that those wanting to jump on this trend need to make sure their natural cosmetics are red and glossy. However, they should also be hydrating to stop leaking colour.

Hello! magazine has backed the trend, saying that the look is here to stay in spring/summer, although the new season will bring more orangey hues.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath told the magazine: 'Lipstick, when it's worn as a statement in its own right, looks really fresh and young.'

However, ladies will need to watch what other natural cosmetics they use so as to avoid an overdone look. Skin should be kept clean and fresh and eye make-up applied minimally.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19580550-ADNFCR

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Should ladies follow Nicole Kidman and embrace their natural hair?

Ladies who have been dyeing their hair for years should consider going au naturel with their locks and following in the footsteps of Nicole Kidman.

The actress has recently been pictured with brown/auburn hair, after a few years of dyeing, and her natural hair care look has been commended.

Celeb stylist Andrew Barton told Heatworld: 'Such a retro look has taken years off her, it's so like looking at her locks from a decade ago.'

The expert said that it may also make it easier for ladies to use their natural cosmetic products, as they may not have to use as many items to match the artificial shade.

Kidman has also embraced her natural curly hair, which has been tipped to be a big trend this season.

Hello! magazine said the voluminous locks create 'a magical optical illusion, reshaping the face and attracting attention to all the right points'.

The actress' look at the Screen Actors Guild Awards was very reminiscent of her appearance in 1994, when she was starting out in her career.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19578789-ADNFCR

Use natural cosmetics rather than surgery to plump lips

Ladies should look for natural cosmetics to plump their lips rather than opting for collagen injections, according to one expert commenting on the speculation that Cheryl Cole has had work done.

Leah Hardy, writing for the Daily Mail, said that the recent shots of Cheryl Cole look suspiciously like she has had some help plumping her lips, a claim which the Girls Aloud member denies.

However, Ms Hardy said that ladies should avoid going under the syringe for plumper lips, saying that it 'nearly always makes women look worse'.

'Celebrities such as the US singer Jessica Simpson are publicly admitting they regret having their lips done,' she added, saying that celeb ladies who deny the treatment 'must think we are all blind or stupid'.

Ms Hardy said that she will be sticking to her more natural cosmetics, like plumping lip gloss, and staying away from the surgeon's syringe.

Cheryl was originally photographed in the airport with her puffy lips, which she was aiming to cover up, but her later appearance at an event in Germany looked like they were back to their pre-plumped condition.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19578358-ADNFCR

Lavera's eyeshadow duo 'embraces colour'

A Lavera eyeshadow duo has excited one reviewer, reminding her of the time when teenagers embraced colour in their natural cosmetics products.

Liz Thompson, writing on the Feelgood Style blog, said that Lavera's white and dark charcoal Duo Number 2 created a 'deep sultriness' and 'some cool results'.

The expert recommended getting some rosehip oil to mix with the powder, to create a glaze which works well as a liner. Another tip is to apply a dab of power shadow on to the lid and then go over it with cream blusher, to nourish the lids.

Once ladies have achieved the darker-eyed look with their natural cosmetics products, they should look to other areas of the face, with Ms Thompson suggesting lips are kept nude and simple.

'Experimenting with eye shadow has been a lot of fun and I find myself smudging a bit on most days now,' the reviewer added.

Less daring ladies can get more toned-down natural cosmetics products for Lavera, such as the Duo Number 4 in light green and olive or the Number 3 in sand and mocca.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19577996-ADNFCR

Expert: Get specific natural hair care products for curly locks

Curly-haired ladies need to make sure that they buy the right natural hair care products to take care of their locks.

Indira Schauwecker, a haircare expert for Toni & Guy, said that people should seek out a product specifically for curly hair, to help it keep its bounce and stop frizz.

'Every hair type needs the right shampoo and this is especially integral for curly hair, which is prone to friziness. I recommend a good, nourishing shampoo,' he added.

She stated that it is definitely worth the investment to go for a bespoke natural hair care product. In particular, the expert recommended using items which have protein and boost elasticity of the locks.

Even better news for curly-locked ladies is that volume and curls are back in this season, with many catwalk shows showcasing the look recently.

Those not fortunate enough to have natural curly hair can create it with tongs, rollers or straighteners.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19577779-ADNFCR

Monday, 25 January 2010

Mineral natural cosmetics are a 'breakthrough'

Mineral natural cosmetics are a 'breakthrough' in the beauty world, as they nourish the skin while covering up imperfections, according to the Sun.

The newspaper said that the items are ideal for people who have allergies, claiming that they will not dry out skin because they have no perfume, talc, dye, preservatives or alcohol.

They are also good for acne sufferers, as the natural cosmetics are lighter and so do not clog pores.

The newspaper stated: 'Because it contains no additives, mineral makeup has a much lighter texture so you need a different technique to apply foundation,' adding that ladies should apply the natural cosmetics with a brush, in small circles in a downward motion.

Another plus of the mineral natural cosmetics is that it is easy to build up coverage, by applying the foundation in layers.

Melanie Simon, a skincare expert, added that mineral items are a good way of getting the celebrity look without breaking the bank, recommending a matte bronzer and blush to give a subtle look.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19575716-ADNFCR

Suffering from dandruff? Try Lavera's natural hair care products

People who are suffering from unsightly dandruff should try Lavera's nourishing shampoo, which has been recommended by a newspaper.

The Daily Mail said that the anti-dandruff shampoo uses cornflour extracts to combat dandruff and washnut to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Lavera's natural hair care product made it to the newspaper's list of top five products for flaky scalps.

As for the causes of dandruff, the newspaper added that 'hormonal changes, diet and extremes of weather can all be triggers', meaning that the recent cold weather may have triggered problems in many people.

The brand has also been backed by big names over the years, with actor Tim Daly saying that he is a fan of the Men Care Shower Shampoo, adding: 'I use all organic, whatever Lavera offers.'

TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher is also a fan, saying she uses the natural hair care products, as well as the makeup.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19575949-ADNFCR

Use natural hair care products to create big volume this season

Volume is essential for hair this season, especially since the recent Golden Globe awards saw long curls on many celebs on the red carpet.

Hairdressing experts Toni & Guy said that there are some natural hair care products which are essential for the look, including volumising mousse.

Indira Schauwecker, international artistic director for the company, advised that ladies ditch the straighteners as they pull hair down and flat. Instead, ladies should laden their hair with mousse and use rollers, preferably on wet hair.

'Curls will always be prone to dropping a little bit, but using styling products will definitely combat this,' she added, giving ladies an excuse to invest in some new natural hair care products.

Ladies that prefer a sleeker look can use their straighteners to create a wave and then invest in smoothing natural hair care products to give some gleam. These people will be in good company, as the recent Dior fashion shows in for spring/summer this year saw a 40s wave on many models.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19575111-ADNFCR

Moisturiser is essential natural beauty product for perfect manicure

Ladies just need to get hold of some key natural beauty products to get perfect nails at home, according to the experts at Elle magazine.

Amy Lawrenson, writing for her publication, said that every manicure should start with a cuticle nipper, nail clipper, orange sticks, emery board and buffer.

She told ladies that they should soak their hands and nails first, so they are nice and soft. After this, ladies should use the orange stick to push back their cuticles, but should never cut them.

Another natural beauty product which is an essential is cuticle oil and formula to nourish the nails.

The cream should also be used every few days after polish has been applied to give it a fresh glean.

All that is left is to peruse your collection of natural beauty products and pick the perfect shade for your night out.

Those stuck for a colour this year should look to green and grey shades, as they have been tipped to be the top colours for natural beauty products this year.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19575098-ADNFCR

Friday, 22 January 2010

Natural hair care products can help with dried-out tresses

People looking for a natural hair care solution to dried out locks should pick up some almond oil, according to one expert.

Paolo Lai, a hair expert, told the Daily Mail that tresses that are dry and out of condition should be rested for a while, meaning ladies should not use a hairdryer or straighteners on them.

The expert said that almond oil is a natural moisturiser, while coconut and jojoba oil are other recommended natural hair care products.

'For the best results, try to leave the oil in overnight and cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap cling film over it, so that the warmth activates the oil, making it sink straight into the follicle,' he told the newspaper.

Another tip from Mr Lai included feeding the body from the inside out by taking zinc, keratin, omega 3 and omega 6 tablets.

The Guardian added that a good finishing cream or serum will help to protect hair after it has been blow dried, but advised that just a small amount should be applied.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19573412-ADNFCR

Blogger finds more natural makeup products than she bargained for

People in Los Angeles are increasingly focussing on natural makeup and skin care items, which may impact on the UK soon.

Livia Firth, writing for her blog on Vogue, said that she recently spent the day investigating ethical and natural makeup products, finding that there are lots on offer.

'Like everything, Hollywood dictates - so there's a lot of choice in terms of high-end sustainable grooming, beauty and fashion. Actually, much more than I anticipated,' she added.

The expert, who is on a project to ensure all her clothes and products are ethical, said that Lina Hanson, author of Eco Beautiful, The Ultimate Guide to Natural Beauty and Wellness, assured her that she can achieve the same look that she has at the moment with natural makeup products.

Ms Firth said that she is currently very good with face creams, using the ethos of 'I'll only put on my skin what I would eat', but has not branched this out to natural makeup products. However, the writer said that she will try out some of the top tips, with some natural beauty products being highly recommended.

Her comments were recently backed up by Now Toronto, when writer Adria Vasil said that people need to research the ingredients going into products to see if they are safe.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19573040-ADNFCR

Guys 'increasingly stealing' ladies' natural skin care products

Guys are increasingly borrowing their missus' makeup and natural skincare products, a new survey has found.

Products like fake tan, foundation and hair removal cream are increasingly being used by fellas, stolen off their other half.

The findings from Sheila's Wheels insurance company found that the second most popular borrow was moisturiser, while other natural skin care products taken include face masks or facial scrub, hair removal cream and lip salve.

Guys were most likely to take tweezers, with 39 per cent admitting to doing so, while 29 per cent took a nail file or buffer and 15 per cent borrowed a shaver.

Jacky Brown, from the insurance company, said: 'Little did we know that men also secretly want to jump on the beauty bandwagon.'

Big name male celebrities have made it more acceptable for guys to groom over the past few years, with the likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo leading the way.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19572697-ADNFCR

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Guys - stock up on firm hold natural hair care products

Men are going to need to stock up on a natural hair care products this season as locks are set to get longer and styles, taller.

The Times said that the catwalk saw men's hair styles raise up about five cm in height, with lots of hair gel being used to keep it in place.

One bolder move involves rollers and 'a lot of courage', Alice Olins wrote, adding that it was seen on the Bottega Veneta show this year.

'What is certain is that men are going to need to grow their hair on the crown to at least five cm and they’re also going to need to learn how to get nifty with a wide-toothed comb if they want to get this look right,' she added.

While there are many different takes on the looks, Ms Olins said that it is certain that people will need to invest in firm hold natural hair care products, as the industry looks to the pre-war themes of 'old-fashioned gel and combing'.

Lucie Seffens, a spokesperson for TONI&GUY, backed up this trend, saying that volume is big for guy's hair this spring and summer.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19570871-ADNFCR

Hot pink natural beauty products 'are must-haves this season'

Ladies can use their natural beauty products to create this season's hottest pink look.

Makeup artist Oonagh Connor told the Daily Mail that bold pink eyeshadow is one of this season's must-have natural beauty products, but should be applied carefully so as not to look too dramatic.

Bold pink shadow should be swept across the eyelid from the inner eye outwards, while a finer brush should be used to apply the natural beauty product under the lower lashes.

Next, Ms Connor advised putting on lashings of mascara to make the eyes stand out, followed by a soft peachy blusher on the cheeks.

Lips are the final stage of the bold look and ladies should use a strong shade on the lips, first lining them with a fine brush and then working the colour inwards.

Natural beauty product fans who want a more toned-down look should follow the tips of Bella Blissett, writing for the London Evening Standard, who said that a dewy base and a subtle, pearly bronzer are a must in the cold weather.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19570462-ADNFCR

'Avoid alcohol ingredients' and plump for natural skincare products

Women with sensitive skin should buy natural skincare products to avoid beauty items which contain alcohol.

A recent report from French dermatologists found that 70 per cent of ladies who suffer with sensitive skin on their face have similar problems on their body.

Nina Goad, a spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation, said the women can improve their skin's condition by carefully selecting products which are kind to it.

'Irritant reactions occur when a substance damages your skin's natural protective barrier by stripping away its natural oils, allowing the irritants to penetrate into the skin,' she added.

Ladies can use natural skincare items to avoid products which cause an imbalance to the skin's pH balance, or contain alcohol and colourants.

Natural skincare has also recently been recommended by Now magazine's Ecoholic writer Adria Vasil, who advised people steer clear of products which contain sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens, but also to watch out for harmful replacements.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19570127-ADNFCR

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Nude nails are the top trend from the Golden Globes

Ladies always look to celebs for their next trend and, if the recent Golden Globe awards are anything to go by, they should be shopping for nude nailpolish.

In Style magazine said that muted shades on talons were a top trend, making them the next must-have natural cosmetics item.

According to the magazine, ladies went au naturel on their nails and manicures, with Sandra Bullock sporting a dusky browny-pink colour and Drew Barrymore opting for a pretty pink hue.

Ladies who are new to this latest natural cosmetics trend can take advice from beauty expert Kathy Phillips, writing for the Guardian, who said that stopping chipped nails is all in the application.

'If you don't use a base coat and a top coat and you don't leave enough time to dry between coats, it will chip,' the expert stated, adding that ladies should also top up their vitamin levels to get strong talons.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19568267-ADNFCR