Friday, 26 February 2010

Look for natural skin care products with mineral oils

Look for natural skin care products with mineral oils
Since the cold weather is predicted to continue, natural skin care products are a must for keeping the complexion looking healthy and feeling soft, according to an expert.

Dermatologist Dr Mark Lupin told the Canwest News Service that women should always apply a base layer of facial moisturiser containing humectants which draw moisture to the skin.

'If you have sensitive skin or rosacea you'll want to avoid ones with fragrance,' he said.

However, they should not use natural skin care beyond its expiration date, however. A recent survey by Debenhams found that 68 per cent only replace make-up and skincare when it runs out, however long that takes.

Dr Lupin said that women should also consider switching to a gentle cleanser for winter, as overuse of toners, masks, clarifiers and astringents can make skin dry and even flaky

An extra-rich night-time moisturiser is also a good product to use. Dr Lupin recommended using enriched creams that are oil-based as these soothe dry skin and allow it to heal.

Women should look for natural skin care products that contain non-pore-clogging oils such as avocado, almond, primrose, or mineral oil, he recommended.

Natural makeup shades becoming more popular

Natural makeup shades becoming more popular
Taupes, beiges and sands are among the natural makeup colours to take the fashion world by storm following the London and New York Fashion Weeks.

Jessica Hogan, writing for Vogue magazine, said that the shades were seen on both the eyes and cheeks of models strolling down the catwalks in the two cities.

Another trend to emerge from London Fashion Week is the statement lip and bold brow combination, which Pat McGrath created for Issa. She told The Sun that Jackie Onassis was the inspiration for the look.

Meanwhile, the Erdem, Osman, Jaeger, and Pringle of Scotland shows all featured natural makeup shades, while Antonio Berardi saw a dark, gothic lip thrown in as a nod to the other trend from the catwalks - grunge.

'All used little or no mascara to push a semblance of androgyny,' Ms Hogan commented.

'Hair is luxe in texture and quality but kept very simple in masculine way,' she added.

Ms Hogan said that the natural makeup shades felt like 'a breath of fresh air' compared to the bright colours that have been seen recently.

Bold lip and statement brows add to natural makeup trends

Bold lip and statement brows add to natural makeup trends
While natural makeup and nude colours have been a major feature of London Fashion Week, one of the other trends to emerge is statement lips and strong eyebrows.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath created the look for the Issa show, combining the strong pout and heavy eyebrows with 60s-style eyes and a flick of liner, in a nod to Jackie Onassis.

The statement brow is a trend that beauty expert Bobbi Brown also recently identified in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Ms McGrath explained to The Sun that perfect skin is the basis for the 60s-style look, so women need to make sure they've got a good foundation in their natural makeup bag.

She swept a thick stroke of eye liner across the lid, using it to extend and enhance the shape of the eye, and combined this with almond shadow.

Ms McGrath also told the newspaper that she used a pale liner on the inner, lower lid to illuminate the eye whites.

A ruby-coloured natural lipstick is needed to finish off the look, she said.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

"Supernude" skin adds to natural makeup trends for 2010

"Supernude" skin adds to natural makeup trends for 2010
'Supernude' skin is set to be one of the top trends for 2010 as part of the natural makeup looks that were so popular at London Fashion Week.

Bella Blissett, writing for the Evening Standard, identified the natural makeup trend which was seen on models in the Antonio Berardi and Matthew Williamson shows.

The look is along a similar line to the effect Charlotte Tilbury created for Julia Macdonald's show at London Fashion Week. She gave models the appearance that they were not wearing any make-up.

Ms Blissett said that dewy complexions will be among the natural makeup looks to go for in the coming months and the key to achieving this without simply looking sweaty is to use tricks of the light.

Make-up artist Gucci Westman was behind the makeup for the Berardi show and played with 'different variations on shine', she explained.

James Kaliardos created the looks for Matthew Williamson's show and used highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes and cheekbones to create the dewy effect, Ms Blissett added.

Women should use natural body care soaps to restore moisture

Women should use natural body care soaps to restore moisture
Women who have got dry hands should use natural body care to restore moisture and soothe itchiness, according to an expert.

Former top women's magazine editor Elsa McAlonan, writing in her Beauty Confidential column for the Daily Mail, said that women should use soaps from natural body care ranges that hydrate the hands as they're being washed.

'Look out for those high in naturally skin-loving ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter and avoid artificial fragrances and colours where possible,' she recommended.

Ms McAlonan said that organic body care ranges are gentle, no matter how often women wash their hands, and therefore will not leave the skin feeling tight.

Another product that women may want to use to keep their skin feeling supple and soft is a moisturiser and Scotland on Sunday recently recommended Madara's Flower Dust body lotion.

This natural skin care product contains jojoba oil, Baltic seaweed, rosehip, chamomile, calendula and plantain to help keep the skin feeling smooth.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19636546-ADNFCR

68% only replace natural skin care products when they run out

68% only replace natural skin care products when they run out
The majority of women only replace natural skin care products when they have run out, however long that takes, according to a survey.

Research by Debenhams found that just 68 per cent of women replace make-up and skin care when it has run out.

The findings bore similarity to a recent survey by Mintel, which found that just one in four women admit to discarding their make-up, shampoo and shower gel if they smell funny or become discoloured.

Debenhams warned that natural skin care products used after the expiration date can lead to irritation and infection.

In addition, 60 per cent of those surveyed admitted they shared natural beauty products with friends and family, which increases the risk of infection.

'We wouldn't hesitate to chuck out mouldy or bacteria-ridden food and the same standards should apply to the lotions and potions and that we put on our skin,' said Sara Stern, director of cosmetics at Debenhams.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Natural makeup in brown shades 'ideal for office'

Natural makeup in brown shades
Women should invest in natural makeup in brown shades for the office as these work really well for a subtle, daytime look, according to an expert.

Beauty guru Lauren Luke told City AM that women should get a matte and a shiny brown shade and combine the two for the workplace.

However, they do not need to limit the colours they use and can still go out and buy natural makeup in other shades as well.

Ms Luke recommended trying a pale, baby blue or peach shadow for something a bit different.

'Remember, rules about colour matching are there to be broken – ignore those rules that say, if you've got blue eyes, you shouldn't wear purple, and so on,' she said.

Ladies wanting to follow the latest trends and still look appropriate for work could go for a natural lipstick in a nude colour. Neutral shades have been popular at London Fashion Week.

Natural hair styling goes feminine and girly

Natural hair styling goes feminine and girly
Natural hair styling has gone feminine and girly, with schoolgirl looks on show at London Fashion Week, according to an expert.

The Mirror reports that plaits, twists and braids have been a popular style on the capital's catwalks and celebrities have been quick to follow the trend, with the likes of actress Diane Kruger going for a weaved do.

'This style really suits Pixie Lott as it's cutting edge and cool,' hair expert Andrew Barton told the newspaper.

In fact, Pixie Lott has been inspiring plenty of trends of late. Jules Holland, creative director at Mark Hill Salon, recently said that the singer's 1970s-style textured hair, with a festival feel, has become a fashionable look.

Mr Barton recommended that women wanting to follow the braid trend should section off the front part of the hair and divide it into three parts, twisting each one

'Then plait your way down to the ends picking up extra hair as you go,' he advised.

Natural hair styling products can be used to finish off the look, with a spritz of hair spray recommended to secure the style.

Red lip natural makeup trend reinvented at Baftas

Red lip natural makeup trend reinvented at Baftas
Women who love their natural makeup will have no doubt picked up on the red lip trend and it looks set to continue after actresses reinvented the look for the Bafta awards.

Claire Danes and Audrey Tautou went for a variation of the scarlet pout at Sunday night's awards ceremony, rather than opting for the nude lip which has been a big trend of late.

The neutral pout has been a big feature on the catwalks at London Fashion Week, but it seems ladies will need a natural lipstick in both red and nude if they want to keep up with the latest trends.

Leanne Bayley, writing for Elle magazine, said that Ms Danes decided to go for the red lip trend to complement her champagne-coloured Burberry dress.

'Audrey, who could have happily got away with a nude lip, smoky eye combo for the night, instead opted for a red lip with coral undertones to set off her pretty pink Lanvin dress,' she added.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Creating a topknot with natural hair care products

Creating a topknot with natural hair care products
Victoria Beckham's topknot is one of the most admired looks of the moment and if you want to recreate the sleek, face-lifting style, you must not skimp on the natural hair care.

Celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford told The Sun that hair needs to be in perfect condition before attempting the updo.

This is similar to recent advice from Saks hair expert Mandy Durkin, who recommended that women still use their natural hair care products when going for the grunge style as it needs to look unkempt, not unclean.

Women need to start by pulling their tresses back into a very tight ponytail at the crown, he explained.

His top tip was to add a spritz of hairspray to your brush before combing it through the tresses to get a flyaway-free ponytail.

Women should then rough up the ponytail with some back brushing for added volume, Mr Stafford said.

Next, twist the hair in one direction until it winds round on itself, tucking the end of the pony under the main body of the bun, he advised.

Finish by securing with hair pins and then spritzing with hair spray, he suggested.

Tinted moisturiser 'is must-have natural makeup for winter'

Tinted moisturiser
A tinted moisturiser is a must-have product in your natural makeup bag for maintaining a bright complexion during dull winter days, according to an expert.

Jessica Prince, editorial assistant at Allure magazine, wrote: 'Because it's so sheer you can wear a shade that is slightly darker than your own skin tone and give your face a boost.'

Tinted moisturiser is also a good way to create a natural makeup look, which continues to be on trend after designers Matthew Williamson and Julian Macdonald went for a minimalistic style on their models at London Fashion Week.

Ladies who like to use bronzer and blush as part of their natural makeup regime need to be careful about the colour they use during winter, Ms Prince continued.

Ms Prince suggested that pale-skinned women should choose peach-toned shades, while those with darker complexions should use a more orange colour.

This helps to neutralise the blue-red hue that washes over many women when they are out in the wind and cold.

Check ingredients in natural skin care products

Check ingredients in natural skin care products
Ladies should check the ingredients in natural skin care products to ensure they know what they are getting, according to an expert.

Claire Lilley, senior policy adviser at Which?, said that women should apply the same process to choosing natural skin care products as they do when selecting what to buy at the supermarket.

For example, many women compare the amount of salt in different food stuffs before choosing what they are going to purchase, the expert explained.

'You quite often see women in supermarkets reading the label and being much more savvy about the food that they buy. The same thing applies to what you are putting on your face,' she continued.

Ms Lilley suggested that cosmetics firms should publish information about the effect of products, whether there are natural skin care formulas or chemical-based ones, as this provides better transparency for the consumer.

Women may want to select natural skin care products containing vitamins as these can help to combat the signs of ageing.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Match style to dress when using natural hair care

Match style to dress when using natural hair care
Women may want to use their outfit for inspiration when styling their tresses using natural hair care, as this is Charles Worthington's secret to creating fabulous dos.

He is the official stylist for the Baftas and told Wales on Sunday that he personally tends to around ten stars on the day, with other guests being looked after by his team of 25 stylists.

Charles looks at the dress for inspiration when creating styles as they have to marry well with the gown, something which ladies using natural hair care may also want to consider.

'A sleek and smooth gown requires a relatively simple hairstyle but if a dress has more movement and frills, we'd add more texture,' he told the newspaper.

This year's dos were characterised by 'effortless chic', according to the expert, so women may want to aim for this with natural hair styling products.

Alternatively, ladies may want to use natural hair dyes to change the colour of their tresses as Woman&Home magazine recently suggested that this is a great way to get a quick confidence boost.

Nude lips 'remain top natural makeup trend'

Nude lips
Ladies may want to get their hands on natural lipstick in a nude shade as this continues to be one of the top trends for 2010.

Georgia Collins, writing for Elle magazine, said neutral colours have continued to be a big feature in shows at London Fashion Week.

This will be music to the ears of women who prefer not to go too bold with their natural lipstick.

'If you're not feeling brave enough to try spring/summer's heavy smoky eyes or acid bright lip colour, nude is the preferable option,' she commented.

Trends also seem to be going natural as the likes of Julian Macdonald kept models looking clean, as if they were not wearing makeup, for his show at London Fashion Week.

As for the nude lip trend, women should look to the likes of Todd Lynn, Matthew Williamson and Hussein Chalayan's shows, according to Ms Collins.

They may want to take inspiration from Pat McGrath, who created the looks for Hussein Chalayan, and paired neutral pouts with false lashes and black eye liner for an 'effortlessly chic and womanly' style.

Natural makeup trend emerges at London Fashion Week

Natural makeup trend emerges at London Fashion Week
Natural makeup was on show at London Fashion Week, where models were given a fresh-faced, minimalistic look.

Across the pond in New York grunge was the big style, but natural seems to be the key trend emerging in the capital.

Designers Matthew Williamson and Julian Macdonald both opted for the fresh-faced look for their models.

The Sun has also recently highlighted the popularity of natural makeup. It explained that there are a few key products that women need to be able to create the minimalistic look.

Items like concealer are vital components in a woman's cosmetic bag if they want to create a flawless complexion, the newspaper suggested.

Top makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury was the woman behind the natural makeup seen in Julian Macdonald's show.

'We want the girls to look clean, like there's no makeup,' she said.

'It's simply healthy, glowing skin with a pinched cheek. It's a no makeup mak-up look,' Ms Tilbury added.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Red carpet tips for natural skin care regime

Red carpet tips for natural skin care regime
There is plenty we can learn from celebrities around awards season, when the A-listers are looking particularly well groomed, such as the best natural skin care regime for radiant skin.

Hello! magazine said that preparation was one of the key things that makeup artists focus on when looking after their star clients and it is something that the rest of us should think about too.

'You need to moisturise before applying any makeup to help plump up skin and get rid of dry patches, which make foundation look uneven,' the publication advised.

When using natural skin care products like moisturiser you need to leave them as long as possible before applying cosmetics as the cream needs time to skin in.

Otherwise, makeup can end up sticking to the hydrating ingredients rather than the face itself and therefore slip off.

Benjamin Rousseau is one of the makeup artists who has beautified stars heading down the Bafta red carpet and he told the Daily Mail that weekly exfoliation is an important part of a natural skin care regime.

Using natural hair dyes good for 'quick confidence boost'

Using natural hair dyes good for
Reaching for the natural hair dyes and changing your colour is the ideal way to give yourself a quick confidence boost, according to an expert.

Woman&Home magazine recommended opting for a different shade for spring as a way of changing and updating your look.

The publication suggested that women with naturally brown hair should go for natural hair dyes in dark reds and plums as these will really suit them and also make for a dramatic change to their look.

Making a statement with your hair is something that Alexandra Burke recently endorsed, as she told The Sun that she would be trying to make an impression and do something radical with her tresses at the Brit awards.

If you're not brave enough to go for a dark red or plum shade, Woman&Home recommended natural hair dyes in coppery hues, as these will 'soften features and add warmth to your complexion'.

Mascara, lipstick and liner 'big natural makeup for 2010'

Mascara, lipstick and liner
Mascara, lipstick and eye liner will be the vital products in your natural makeup bag this season, according to an expert.

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury told Grazia that the biggest new beauty movement of the moment is 'pale skin, no blusher and lipstick with full on liner'.

The three Ls will be the thing to remember for ladies investing in some new natural makeup, according to the expert.

'Lashings of mascara, individual lashes, lipliner and beige lipstick' will be the big this coming season, Ms Tilbury told the magazine at New York Fashion Week.

Mascara and eye liner are also key to creating the grunge look which is so fashionable at the moment.

Ariane Poole, celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson, recommended smudging kohl liner and eye shadow before applying mascara to create a grungy version of the smoky eye.

Ms Tilbury also suggested that the hit movie Avatar is influencing makeup trends at the moment, meaning cat-like eyes are going to be fashionable.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Weekly exfoliation 'should be part of natural skincare regime'

Weekly exfoliation
Weekly exfoliation should be part of your natural skincare regime if you are to stay looking radiant, according to an expert.

Makeup artist Benjamin Rousseau told the Daily Mail that exfoliating should be combined with getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water.

Mr Rousseau was the man behind many of the faces appearing on the red carpet at the Baftas last year and has given his tips for preparing for a big do.

'In the case of a big event, it's a good idea, too, to have a facial a couple of days beforehand,' he told the newspaper.

Gemma Arterton was one of the stars who was looked after by Mr Rousseau and he helped her to achieve a radiant complexion by recommending a 'recharging day cream'.

The actress appeared at the awards ceremony to support Quantum of Solace, which she starred in with Daniel Craig, and also to present the prize for Best Sound.

Reddish-brown natural makeup key to grunge look

Reddish-brown natural makeup key to grunge look
When it comes to using natural makeup to create the trendy grunge look, girls should choose a reddish brown for the eyes, according to an expert.

Celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson Ariane Poole recommended using a nude colour on the lip, although alternatively people can go for a really strong shade to create a stained look.

She said that the reddish brown colour for the eye should create a 'slightly sore effect'.

Vogue magazine has recently drawn attention to this trend, highlighting makeup artist Tom Pechaux's Upper East Side meets Woodstock look.

Ms Poole said that a skin illuminator is also key to creating the dewy face which is key to the grunge style.

'You can either mix it with your moisturiser, or if you need to wear foundation mix it with that. That will give you that glow without looking sweaty,' she explained.

Steer clear of a product like Vaseline as an alternative to highlighter, Ms Poole added.

Madara natural makeup 'ideal for following spring trends'

Madara natural makeup
Madara's tinted moisturiser is the perfect natural makeup product for following the spring trend for pastel colours and radiant complexions, according to an expert.

Pastels, roses, lilacs and pinks are the on-trend colours for spring, with floral fragrances also emerging, according to the Daily Record.

This is a trend that has also been identified by Emma Harrowing, writing for the Norwich Evening News, who said that corals and pastels are going to be fashionable this season.

The Daily Record said that highlighting the face is really important for this look and recommended Madara's Moonflower Tinting Fluid.

'It's a light and dreamy, tinted moisturiser that will brighten most complexions and is ideal for getting you in the mood for the brighter days ahead,' it explained.

The Daily Record added that the natural makeup product also helps to even out skin tone, disguise imperfections and fine lines and even protect from harmful UV rays.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Combine corals and pastels with natural makeup

Combine corals and pastels with natural makeup
Corals and pastel colours are a big trend for the coming season and women should make sure they combine these shades with natural makeup, according to an expert.

Emma Harrowing, writing for the Norwich Evening News, said that light pink blush on the apples of the cheeks and soft browns and pinks for the eyes are perfect for achieving this natural makeup look.

'Keep lips neutral with a light pink or clear lip gloss,' she recommended.

This trend is one that has also been identified by Jane Cullen, writing for the Daily Telegraph, who recently said that spring styles would be 'fresh, fruity and fun'.

Women under 40 should go for a soft, smoky eye which they can create using a cream-coloured shadow across the lids up to the brow bone, Ms Harrowing suggested.

They should then use a mid-brown shade from the socket down to the outer corner of the eye in a large, backwards C shape, she said.

Finish it off with a lilac shadow across the lid and blend the colours with a brush.

Evolution of natural cosmetics means grunge is now glamorous

Evolution of natural cosmetics means grunge is now glamorous
The grunge look is back, but this time it is more glamorous and looks better, especially since makeup products and natural cosmetics have evolved, according to an expert.

Celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson Ariane Poole said that the 90s tomboy look has been updated and is not completely retro.

The fact that makeup products and natural cosmetics have come a long way since the style was last fashionable means that this time it is more sophisticated, she explained.

One of the key products for creating the grunge look is a black eyeliner pencil, said Ms Poole, who has tended to the likes of Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta Jones, Uma Thurman and Yasmin Le Bon during her 25-year career.

'Make sure they [eyeliner pencils] are soft though as you don't want to be scraping across your eye,' she continued.

Girls need to apply the liner inside the eye and then cover the lid with shadow, Ms Poole said. Her top tip for creating the grungy, smoky look is to close the eyes and then rub them as you would when you have just woken up in the morning.

Don't give up natural hair care for grunge look

Girls who want to go for the grungy look will be pleased to find that they don't have to give up their natural hair care.

'Grunge doesn't mean unclean hair, it means unkempt - even though it has taken an hour to make it look that way,' said Saks hair expert Mandy Durkin.

The grunge trend is big at the moment, with the catwalks at New York Fashion Week seeing plenty of Kate Moss-esque styles.

Shows by Alexander Wang, Joseph Altuzarra and Rag & Bone all featured slept-in, tomboy looks.

The good news for girls wanting to emulate the style is that it works on hair of any length, although slightly grown out, softer cuts with no blunt edges are best for going grunge, according to Ms Durkin.

When it comes to natural hair styling, you need to go for a matt, textured look and 'think edgy, dark and moody rather than flowery girly girly,' she said.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Alexandra Burke's Brits style to inspire natural hair care fans?

Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke has revealed that she intends to make a statement with her tresses at the Brits tonight, which could inspire ladies who love their natural hair care.

The X Factor winner told The Sun that she wants to stand out, perhaps colouring her tresses red or green, which may prompt girls to reach for the natural hair dyes and follow suit.

'I like to make an impression and this year I plan to do something radical with my hair,' she told the newspaper.

Alexandra also said that people don't always realise how much effort goes into looking good for the Brits.

'The acts have to spend most of the day sat in hair and makeup,' she revealed.

If Alexandra's style is well-received by beauty critics then ladies could try to emulate her.

Jules Holland, creative director at Mark Hill Salon, recently said that celebrities like Cheryl Cole - Alexandra's mentor on the X Factor - are inspiring hair trends at the moment.