Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Alexandra Burke's Brits style to inspire natural hair care fans?

Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke has revealed that she intends to make a statement with her tresses at the Brits tonight, which could inspire ladies who love their natural hair care.

The X Factor winner told The Sun that she wants to stand out, perhaps colouring her tresses red or green, which may prompt girls to reach for the natural hair dyes and follow suit.

'I like to make an impression and this year I plan to do something radical with my hair,' she told the newspaper.

Alexandra also said that people don't always realise how much effort goes into looking good for the Brits.

'The acts have to spend most of the day sat in hair and makeup,' she revealed.

If Alexandra's style is well-received by beauty critics then ladies could try to emulate her.

Jules Holland, creative director at Mark Hill Salon, recently said that celebrities like Cheryl Cole - Alexandra's mentor on the X Factor - are inspiring hair trends at the moment.

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