Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Check ingredients in natural skin care products

Check ingredients in natural skin care products
Ladies should check the ingredients in natural skin care products to ensure they know what they are getting, according to an expert.

Claire Lilley, senior policy adviser at Which?, said that women should apply the same process to choosing natural skin care products as they do when selecting what to buy at the supermarket.

For example, many women compare the amount of salt in different food stuffs before choosing what they are going to purchase, the expert explained.

'You quite often see women in supermarkets reading the label and being much more savvy about the food that they buy. The same thing applies to what you are putting on your face,' she continued.

Ms Lilley suggested that cosmetics firms should publish information about the effect of products, whether there are natural skin care formulas or chemical-based ones, as this provides better transparency for the consumer.

Women may want to select natural skin care products containing vitamins as these can help to combat the signs of ageing.

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