Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Creating a topknot with natural hair care products

Creating a topknot with natural hair care products
Victoria Beckham's topknot is one of the most admired looks of the moment and if you want to recreate the sleek, face-lifting style, you must not skimp on the natural hair care.

Celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford told The Sun that hair needs to be in perfect condition before attempting the updo.

This is similar to recent advice from Saks hair expert Mandy Durkin, who recommended that women still use their natural hair care products when going for the grunge style as it needs to look unkempt, not unclean.

Women need to start by pulling their tresses back into a very tight ponytail at the crown, he explained.

His top tip was to add a spritz of hairspray to your brush before combing it through the tresses to get a flyaway-free ponytail.

Women should then rough up the ponytail with some back brushing for added volume, Mr Stafford said.

Next, twist the hair in one direction until it winds round on itself, tucking the end of the pony under the main body of the bun, he advised.

Finish by securing with hair pins and then spritzing with hair spray, he suggested.

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