Friday, 26 February 2010

Look for natural skin care products with mineral oils

Look for natural skin care products with mineral oils
Since the cold weather is predicted to continue, natural skin care products are a must for keeping the complexion looking healthy and feeling soft, according to an expert.

Dermatologist Dr Mark Lupin told the Canwest News Service that women should always apply a base layer of facial moisturiser containing humectants which draw moisture to the skin.

'If you have sensitive skin or rosacea you'll want to avoid ones with fragrance,' he said.

However, they should not use natural skin care beyond its expiration date, however. A recent survey by Debenhams found that 68 per cent only replace make-up and skincare when it runs out, however long that takes.

Dr Lupin said that women should also consider switching to a gentle cleanser for winter, as overuse of toners, masks, clarifiers and astringents can make skin dry and even flaky

An extra-rich night-time moisturiser is also a good product to use. Dr Lupin recommended using enriched creams that are oil-based as these soothe dry skin and allow it to heal.

Women should look for natural skin care products that contain non-pore-clogging oils such as avocado, almond, primrose, or mineral oil, he recommended.

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