Thursday, 18 February 2010

Madara natural makeup 'ideal for following spring trends'

Madara natural makeup
Madara's tinted moisturiser is the perfect natural makeup product for following the spring trend for pastel colours and radiant complexions, according to an expert.

Pastels, roses, lilacs and pinks are the on-trend colours for spring, with floral fragrances also emerging, according to the Daily Record.

This is a trend that has also been identified by Emma Harrowing, writing for the Norwich Evening News, who said that corals and pastels are going to be fashionable this season.

The Daily Record said that highlighting the face is really important for this look and recommended Madara's Moonflower Tinting Fluid.

'It's a light and dreamy, tinted moisturiser that will brighten most complexions and is ideal for getting you in the mood for the brighter days ahead,' it explained.

The Daily Record added that the natural makeup product also helps to even out skin tone, disguise imperfections and fine lines and even protect from harmful UV rays.

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