Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Male-specific natural beauty products 'increasingly popular'

Male-specific natural beauty products
Male-specific natural beauty products are becoming increasingly popular as grooming is no longer considered girly, according to an expert.

Beauty writer Zara Rabinowicz said that there are many more items coming to the market because of the growing to demand for male grooming.

'Products that promote self-improvement whilst remaining masculine are going to be huge,' she predicted.

Ms Rabinowicz said that multi-tasking natural beauty products, such as tinted moisturiser, will be very popular.

She suggested that 'media-friendly' celebrities like Zac Efron have helped to boost the demand for such products because they have made them more socially acceptable.

Ms Rabinowicz went on to say the recession has meant men are more interested in their appearance as they wish to look younger in order to keep their jobs.

Recent research by Sheilas' Wheels found that over a third of guys are borrowing their partners' beauty products and using them in secret.

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