Friday, 19 February 2010

Mascara, lipstick and liner 'big natural makeup for 2010'

Mascara, lipstick and liner
Mascara, lipstick and eye liner will be the vital products in your natural makeup bag this season, according to an expert.

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury told Grazia that the biggest new beauty movement of the moment is 'pale skin, no blusher and lipstick with full on liner'.

The three Ls will be the thing to remember for ladies investing in some new natural makeup, according to the expert.

'Lashings of mascara, individual lashes, lipliner and beige lipstick' will be the big this coming season, Ms Tilbury told the magazine at New York Fashion Week.

Mascara and eye liner are also key to creating the grunge look which is so fashionable at the moment.

Ariane Poole, celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson, recommended smudging kohl liner and eye shadow before applying mascara to create a grungy version of the smoky eye.

Ms Tilbury also suggested that the hit movie Avatar is influencing makeup trends at the moment, meaning cat-like eyes are going to be fashionable.

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