Monday, 22 February 2010

Match style to dress when using natural hair care

Match style to dress when using natural hair care
Women may want to use their outfit for inspiration when styling their tresses using natural hair care, as this is Charles Worthington's secret to creating fabulous dos.

He is the official stylist for the Baftas and told Wales on Sunday that he personally tends to around ten stars on the day, with other guests being looked after by his team of 25 stylists.

Charles looks at the dress for inspiration when creating styles as they have to marry well with the gown, something which ladies using natural hair care may also want to consider.

'A sleek and smooth gown requires a relatively simple hairstyle but if a dress has more movement and frills, we'd add more texture,' he told the newspaper.

This year's dos were characterised by 'effortless chic', according to the expert, so women may want to aim for this with natural hair styling products.

Alternatively, ladies may want to use natural hair dyes to change the colour of their tresses as Woman&Home magazine recently suggested that this is a great way to get a quick confidence boost.

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