Monday, 15 February 2010

Men must 'have basic grasp of natural skin care'

Men must
Guys should make sure they have a basic grasp of natural skin care in order to maintain a healthy complexion, according to an expert.

Beauty writer Zara Rabinowicz said that at the very least men need to make sure they cleanse their skin thoroughly to prevent early signs of ageing.

She suggested that every man should regularly use an exfoliator to remove dead cells quicker and therefore keep the complexion fresh.

'A creamy moisturiser is another good purchase as a quality product will also feature SPF which helps limit skin damage,' she added.

It seems that men are getting more in touch with their metrosexual side as 37 per cent admitted to stealing their partner's moisturiser in research by Sheilas' Wheels.

Ms Rabinowicz also recommended that guys invest in a good pair of tweezers alongside their natural skin care, as the monobrow look is one to avoid. They should also attack nose hairs to make sure they look well groomed.

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