Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Natural makeup in brown shades 'ideal for office'

Natural makeup in brown shades
Women should invest in natural makeup in brown shades for the office as these work really well for a subtle, daytime look, according to an expert.

Beauty guru Lauren Luke told City AM that women should get a matte and a shiny brown shade and combine the two for the workplace.

However, they do not need to limit the colours they use and can still go out and buy natural makeup in other shades as well.

Ms Luke recommended trying a pale, baby blue or peach shadow for something a bit different.

'Remember, rules about colour matching are there to be broken – ignore those rules that say, if you've got blue eyes, you shouldn't wear purple, and so on,' she said.

Ladies wanting to follow the latest trends and still look appropriate for work could go for a natural lipstick in a nude colour. Neutral shades have been popular at London Fashion Week.

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