Friday, 19 February 2010

Red carpet tips for natural skin care regime

Red carpet tips for natural skin care regime
There is plenty we can learn from celebrities around awards season, when the A-listers are looking particularly well groomed, such as the best natural skin care regime for radiant skin.

Hello! magazine said that preparation was one of the key things that makeup artists focus on when looking after their star clients and it is something that the rest of us should think about too.

'You need to moisturise before applying any makeup to help plump up skin and get rid of dry patches, which make foundation look uneven,' the publication advised.

When using natural skin care products like moisturiser you need to leave them as long as possible before applying cosmetics as the cream needs time to skin in.

Otherwise, makeup can end up sticking to the hydrating ingredients rather than the face itself and therefore slip off.

Benjamin Rousseau is one of the makeup artists who has beautified stars heading down the Bafta red carpet and he told the Daily Mail that weekly exfoliation is an important part of a natural skin care regime.

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