Thursday, 18 February 2010

Reddish-brown natural makeup key to grunge look

Reddish-brown natural makeup key to grunge look
When it comes to using natural makeup to create the trendy grunge look, girls should choose a reddish brown for the eyes, according to an expert.

Celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson Ariane Poole recommended using a nude colour on the lip, although alternatively people can go for a really strong shade to create a stained look.

She said that the reddish brown colour for the eye should create a 'slightly sore effect'.

Vogue magazine has recently drawn attention to this trend, highlighting makeup artist Tom Pechaux's Upper East Side meets Woodstock look.

Ms Poole said that a skin illuminator is also key to creating the dewy face which is key to the grunge style.

'You can either mix it with your moisturiser, or if you need to wear foundation mix it with that. That will give you that glow without looking sweaty,' she explained.

Steer clear of a product like Vaseline as an alternative to highlighter, Ms Poole added.

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