Friday, 19 February 2010

Using natural hair dyes good for 'quick confidence boost'

Using natural hair dyes good for
Reaching for the natural hair dyes and changing your colour is the ideal way to give yourself a quick confidence boost, according to an expert.

Woman&Home magazine recommended opting for a different shade for spring as a way of changing and updating your look.

The publication suggested that women with naturally brown hair should go for natural hair dyes in dark reds and plums as these will really suit them and also make for a dramatic change to their look.

Making a statement with your hair is something that Alexandra Burke recently endorsed, as she told The Sun that she would be trying to make an impression and do something radical with her tresses at the Brit awards.

If you're not brave enough to go for a dark red or plum shade, Woman&Home recommended natural hair dyes in coppery hues, as these will 'soften features and add warmth to your complexion'.

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