Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Women 'should be more adventurous with natural makeup'

Ladies should be adventurous with their natural makeup if they tend to be conservative normally, according to an expert.

YouTube sensation Lauren Luke told StyleList magazine that it can often be difficult for women to break from their natural makeup routine, especially if they're extremely busy looking after children.

'I think if you were to try a different coloured eye shadow every day of the week and form your look based around that eye shadow colour, it would be a great way of breaking out of your routine,' she said.

Ms Luke told the news provider that a blue shade is something that women perhaps would not have in their natural cosmetics bag, but should consider.

This follows a similar recommendation by makeup artist Lee Pycroft, who recently told Marie Claire that using a blue mascara is a great twist on the current trend for candy colours.

Ms Luke recommended mixing blue with other colours, saying this makes it look really nice.

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