Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Create Christina Aguilera's updo with natural hair styling products

Create Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera looked glamorous in the Grease-style curly updo that she sported recently and the good news is that it is easily recreated with a few natural hair styling products.

She wore her blonde locks in tight curls piled on her hair into a Sandy-style quiff and Look magazine that the high-impact style is really easy to create.

Natural hair styling products are the first thing to use in preparation for this do. Look advised applying a mousse then tonging the bottom half of the hair into tight, bouncy curls.

'Next, after dividing your hair into sections, pull the curls tightly into the centre of your head and pin them securely, working your way from your forehead right down to the nape of your neck,' the magazine advised.

You should then let the curls tumble and finish off the style with decent spritz of hairspray, it said.

This is certainly a style that it worth trying for yourself, as TONI&GUY artistic director Indira Schauwecker recently said that curls and waves are set to become a top style for 2010.

Use metallics to modernise natural makeup regime

Use metallics to modernise natural makeup regime
Metallics are a great way of updating the smoky eye and women should look to Charlize Theron for inspiration when recreating this trend with natural makeup.

There have been various tips for modernising the smoky eye recently, with Hilary Mantel writing in the Guardian that navys and purples are good colours to use for a sultry look.

Grazia magazine said the combination of bronze eye and nude lip that Ms Theron opted for at the American Cinemathique Annual Gala is one that ladies can easily adopt.

First of all they need to make sure their face is well prepped to ensure it is free of shine so that the glossy eye will really pop. They may want to use natural skin care products for this.

'Keep the rest of your make up low key – you don't want to look over-stated,' the magazine advised.

Women should be careful to pick the right shade of natural makeup for the eyes as it must complement the skin tone, according to Grazia.

The magazine recommended gold and bronze shades for warm complexions and gun-metals and slates for cool skin tones.

Lea Michele wears subtle, natural makeup at Kids' Choice Awards

Lea Michele wears subtle, natural makeup at Kids
Glee star Lea Michele looked every bit the natural beauty at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, combining subtle makeup with a pink Zac Posen dress.

Melanie Inglessis, make-up artist for Glee, was the woman behind her style and she told Access Hollywood that she went for a natural makeup look as Ms Michele prefers to make a subtle statement.

She explained that the effect was 'beautiful and not too edgy'. The idea was to keep the look natural as the Glee actress has 'such an iconic face'.

'I wanted to keep Lea's makeup simple, yet flawless and classic. It had to complement her hair and dress without overpowering it,' Ms Inglessis told the news provider.

In particular she wanted natural makeup for the eyes that was still bold enough for the red carpet so she used a bronze and onyz shades.

The Glee actress has been an awards season staple, with appearances at the Oscars and the Emmys. She also wowed in a deep navy Romona Keveza cocktail dress and combined with natural makeup at the Grammys.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Natural makeup 'goes well with undone plaits'

Natural makeup
Natural makeup is the best accompaniment to the 'messy dressy' plaits which are fashionable at the moment, according to an expert.

Sue Moxley, writing for the Sun, said that the focus should be on the lips for this natural makeup look.

She suggested that women would start with a good face primer to get a healthy, glowing complexion.

Ms Moxley said that foundation should be kept light and recommended using a mineral-based product as you can layer up the powder until you get the right effect.

Eyes 'should be as bare as you dare - the merest hint of a grey kohl smudged under the eyelid … and some black mascara for definition', she added.

To make the lips the focus, women should use a coral or orange shade, Ms Moxley suggested.

Gemma Arterton is just one of the stars to have rocked the natural makeup look recently, opting for a barely-there effect for the premiere of her new movie Clash of the Titans.

Gemma Arterton goes for natural makeup look

Gemma Arterton goes for natural makeup look
Gemma Arterton rocked the natural makeup look at the premiere of her new movie Clash of the Titans in London.

She dazzled in a little black dress and killer heels on the red carpet, braving the rain to greet fans in Leicester Square.

Ms Arterton clearly has her finger on the fashion pulse as her natural makeup resembled the looks seen on the catwalks in New York and London.

She sported glowing skin with just a hint of blush on the cheeks, a nude pout, a slick of eyeliner and some mascara.

Natural makeup was seen in the Julian Macdonald show at London Fashion Week, where Charlotte Tilbury aimed for a 'no makeup makeup look'.

Although the Bond girl wore little makeup on her face, she revealed that she had applied cover up on her legs to mask the bruises she got during filming.

'We all got grazes rolling around in fight scenes which we called 'clash rash'. There's makeup on my legs. I was like 'get rid of the clash rash',' she said.

Natural brushes 'best for applying makeup'

Natural brushes
High quality brushes are worth paying for and women should go for ones with natural bristles as they work best for applying powders, according to an expert.

Makeup artist Troy Surrat, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Freida Pinto, told Allure magazine that natural bristles are fluffier and have a cuticle that 'grabs pigment and holds it until you place it exactly where you want on the face'.

He recommended pony hair, goat or kolinsky sable, although he also told the magazine that synthetic brushes are best for applying cream and liquid natural cosmetics.

Women should get four different types of brush to apply organic cosmetics, according to the expert.

He suggested buying a large powder brush, a smaller, fluffier one for blusher and bronzer, an eye shadow brush about the size of a fingertip and an even smaller one for smudging and blending.

'Look for a slightly domed shape,' he recommended. 'It rolls best across the skin and deposits less pigment [all at once].'

It is also important to wash brushes once a week, but a recent survey by Debenhams found that 72 per cent of women never clean their tools.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring clean complexion with natural skin care products

Spring clean complexion with natural skin care products
Spring is the time to rejuvenate your complexion and using natural skin care products can help to give your face its healthy glow back after the harsh winter.

Facialist Neena Trehan told Elle magazine that massaging serums that contain the likes of Rosehip Seed Oil, Frankincense and Persian Rose are great for people who suffer from dry skin.

Women could try the Suvarna Organic Frankincense Facial Oil For Normal to Dry Skin which also contains rosehip oil to promote healthy, radiant skin and reduce the signs of ageing.

Massaging serums containing these ingredients, which are found in natural skin care products, help to stimulate circulation and boost oxygen and nutrients, according to the expert.

She also told the magazine that a rubdown helps to give the skin an instant lift and glow.

Therapist Georgia Louise recommended 'spring cleaning' the face with a deep cleanse to get rid of the dead, dull skin that has accumulated over the winter.

'Try to double wash with a cleanser and buff off dead skins cells by using a daily polish exfoliator for normal skins and for oily skins a foam cleanser,' she suggested.

Cosmetics 'play significant role in life'

Cosmetics can play a significant role in how your life turns out because of their scientifically-established ability to enhance attractiveness, according to biologists.

It is hardly surprising then that, according to research by Superdrug, women spend on average almost £9,000 on makeup during their lifetime.

Behavioural biologist Bernhard Fink, of the University of Gottingen in Germany, told that cosmetics improve looks in a 'quantifiable and real-world relevant way', so using natural makeup could be doubly beneficial for you by enhancing your appearance and being good for your skin.

Mr Fink said that a uniform skin tone is a sign of health, so natural makeup like foundations and concealers are good for giving off an impression of fitness and vitality.

According to, studies have found that the eye regions of women tend to be darker than the rest of the face and augmenting this contrast showcases femininity.

Therefore natural makeup products like mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow are useful for boosting attractiveness.

Creating catwalk plaits with natural hair styling products

Creating catwalk plaits with natural hair styling products
'Messy dressy' plaits were prominent on the spring catwalks and fashionistas can use natural hair styling products to create the versatile style.

Sue Moxley, writing for the Mirror, pointed out that the look does not mean reverting to the pigtails from your school days. Instead it has a loose and undone feel.

TONI&GUY artistic director Indira Schauwecker also recently picked up on the trend, saying that natural textures will be embraced this year as care-free and wind-swept hair is a key fashion.

To create the plaited look, Ms Moxley recommended that women use a volumising natural hair styling product then backcomb their hair, which is essential for an updo.

'Once you have plenty of volume in your hair, drag it to one side and begin to plait quite tightly, securing at the bottom,' she advised.

Women then need to ease the braid apart, loosening it with their fingers and releasing the odd strand of hair, Ms Moxley explained.

Another natural hair styling product - hairspray - is required to hold the finish off the style and hold it in place.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Yasmin Le Bon keeps it simple with skin care regime

Yasmin Le Bon keeps it simple with skin care regime
Yasmin Le Bon is undoubtedly a natural beauty and at 45 still looks stunning.

But she says there is no special concoction or secret beauty treatment behind her fabulous appearance.

She told Stylist magazine that she doesn't have one can't-live-without-it product, but has always used moisturiser, so if this isn't a regular part of your natural skin care regime already, then it should be.

If you're looking for a natural moisturiser then you may want to dry Madara's Flower Dust body lotion, as this was recently recommended by Scotland on Sunday.

The model, who has been married to Duran Duran star Simon Le Bon for 25 years, said that she has never been given any beauty tips.

'Seriously though, water and sleep is my new discovery,' she told the magazine, so women may want to incorporate these into their natural skin care regime.

'Everyone's being doing it forever and I've only just discovered it,' she said.

Turquoise eyeliner recommended for natural makeup bag

Turquoise eyeliner recommended for natural makeup bag
Bright colours have been emerging as a big trend recently and turquoise is the latest shade that women may want to add to their natural makeup bag.

Makeup artist Polly Osmond used a bold, turquoise eyeliner for Nanette Lepore's spring show, telling Elle magazine that it gave the models a 'childlike innocence'.

'Using the blue, I went right underneath the eye and on the inside rim as well. It's a bit smudgy,' she explained.

Another colour which women may want to add to their natural makeup bag is orange, as Ms Osmond used this for the lips and cheeks.

She was inspired by a thank-you card which was hanging on the wall during the makeup test for Nanette. It featured a sketch of a 60s-style model with 'huge blue-lined eyes, orange cheeks and orange lips'.

Ms Osmond said that tangerine was a 'great alternative to red'.

If turquoise and orange aren't the colours for you, why not try pink instead? Writing for the Daily Mail, celebrity makeup artist Oonagh Connor recently suggested combining pink shadow with a plum or grey shade for a girly twist on the smoky eye.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Boost natural skin care regime with top 5 beauty foods

Boost natural skin care regime with top 5 beauty foods
While natural skin care is a great way to get a healthy complexion, diet is also really important.

SugarScape has named its top five beauty-boosting superfoods: oats, watercress, garlic and onions, nuts and avocado.

The news provider said that starting the day with a bowl of porridge gives the skin a boost as it contains high levels of magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamins E and B.

Watercress contains vitamin A, which is good for treating, acne and C, which helps to strengthen the skin, according to SugarScape

Garlic and onion, meanwhile, contain sulphur which leaves you with a really soft complexion, providing a great boost to your natural skin care regime, the news provider added.

It said that Brazil nuts, cashews and walnuts are also ideal for treating acne due to their high selenium content.

Avocado, meanwhile, contains good fats which restore moisture and relieve dry skin, so are great for eczema sufferers, SugarScape highlighted.

Linda Miles, vice president of derma e Natural BodyCare, recently told Inside Cosmeceuticals that superfoods are in demand as the media has helped to highlight their benefits.

Balance nude fashions with coral-coloured natural lipstick

Balance nude fashions with coral-coloured natural lipstick
Natural makeup and minimalist tones in fashions are prevalent at the moment, but you can inject colour into your look by picking up on another spring trend - orange shades.

After the barely-there looks of London and New York, colour started to return to the catwalks in Paris, and coral shades were one of the favoured hues.

At Kenzo, make-up artist Tom Pecheux went for an off-orange, peach colour, which he used on the eyes, temples and lips.

Pink was the favoured shade at Ungaro. A flush of pink on the cheeks and lips was the only colour use in an otherwise natural makeup look for the models.

The LA times suggested that a vibrant orange lip or nail polish is a good way of offsetting the nude colours that are prevalent in clothes at the moment.

Women need to be careful to pick the right shade of natural lipstick and apply it sparingly.

Celebrity makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua also told the newspaper 'The easiest way to work with orange and coral tones is by using it as blush.'

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Alicia Silverstone reveals natural body care 'awakening'

Alicia Silverstone reveals natural body care
Alicia Silverstone has revealed that Woody Harrelson was responsible for her changing her beauty regime and using natural body care products.

The Clueless actress told US magazine that she was spending time with the Cheers star and his family in Hawaii when she had the revelation.

Silverstone was taking a bath outside at one of his friend's houses and Harrelson's children were going to get in with her but he protested over the soaps she was using.

According to the actress, Harrelson said: 'Look at all the products you're using. You can't even read the ingredients.'

From then on, Silverstone was a fan of natural skin care products.

'That was a big awakening for me. That was the day I learned the importance of natural products,' she told the magazine.

Alicia Silverstone is just one of a number of stars who prefer to use natural beauty products.

The Mirror recently reported that Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer like to use an organic face mask with aloe and seaweed in preparation for the red carpet.

Make the most of natural colour with organic makeup

Make the most of natural colour with organic makeup
Women should using organic makeup to 'bump up' the natural colour on their face, rather than applying it heavily all over, according to an expert.

Makeup artist Whitney Sellors suggested to Canwest News Service that ladies should focus on the lips and cheeks when putting on organic makeup.

When applying foundation and concealer, they should use a brush and work outwards from the centre of their face, according to Ms Sellors. The aim is to avoid finishing up with a mask-like look.

'Use a concealer brush to get into the smaller areas - under the eyes, concealing redness around the nose, and when covering spots,' Ms Sellors recommended.

She told the news provider that women should look for foundation, concealer and powder with light-reflective qualities which help to create a more youthful look.

This follows advice from the Daily Record, which recently suggested using a skin illuminator or shimmering cream bronzer to get a healthy glow.

Male grooming market 'to be worth $33.2bn by 2015'

Male grooming market
The male grooming market is set to grow over the next five years as guys increasingly choose to buy products like natural skin care items.

Global Industry Analysts (GIA) predicted that the value of the world market for men's grooming will reach a minimum of $33.2 billion (£22.2 billion) by 2015.

Toiletries are likely to be the fastest growing category, according to the report. This includes bath and shower products, hair care, natural skin care items and deodorants.

The report follows a similar prediction by beauty writer Zara Rabinowicz, who recently suggested that there are many more male grooming products coming onto the market due to growing demand.

GIA suggested that the rise of the metrosexual male is partly responsible for this trend, as well as the growing middle class population and increased access to the internet.

Male role models such as sportsmen and film stars like David Beckham and Zac Efron are also popularising grooming products.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Elle: Fringes are top look for locks this summer

Elle: Fringes are top look for locks this summer
Organic hair care products will be used to tame fringes this year, as the trend has been spotted in Hollywood and is likely to be big with ladies this summer.

Elle magazine said the look can be pulled off by most people, with the likes of Kate Moss and Katy Holmes already sporting the must-have cut.

Amy Lawrenson, writing for the magazine, said: 'A favourite last season, the fringe is back for summer - with a bang!'

Organic hair care fans can adopt the trend but still get a very different look from everyone else, following in Holmes' shoes with a sleek bob and long, light fringe or plumping for Kylie Minogue's more heavy look.

Longer-locked ladies can follow Christina Ricci's new cut, which couples a graduated, heavy fringe with thick, wavy locks.

Those wanting to get a new hair colour for summer using organic hair care products should opt for natural tones, Carol Cini, stylist and co-owner of Taz hair salon, told Canwest News Service.

She added that this summer it is about using natural tones and not straying too far from your natural shade.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19683859-ADNFCR

Create bright eyes with natural makeup products

Create bright eyes with natural makeup products
Natural makeup for the eyes should be bright, following the recent catwalk trends, with turquoise and burgundy being top shades, according to Elle magazine.

Makeup expert Pat McGrath told the publication that one look seen on the catwalk was tropical storm eyes, which saw a shimmering ivy hue blended up to the brow lines.

However, the expert warned people to tone down deep, rich natural makeup shades, adding: 'Pull the shade right out into a wing shape to elongate the eyes.'

Another catwalk look which can be created with natural makeup is the strong plum tones seen in Jeremy Scott's recent fashion show, which coupled purple hues with metallic eyeshadow and black liner.

A more striking look was created by Mary Katrantzou, who used graphic black lines under the eye and burgundy shades in the corners of the peepers.

With such bright eyes, ladies will want to balance this by using nude natural makeup products on their lips, as recommended by the magazine.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19683852-ADNFCR

Ladies invest in natural skin care 'even in tough times'

Ladies invest in natural skin care
People are still investing in natural skin care, despite the current economic climate, according to an expert, who claimed that people like to treat themselves in a recession.

Catherine Dean, marketing executive of the Vitality Show, said that ladies will always find time and money to invest in natural skin care and makeup, which can range from picking up a new foundation to getting a massage.

She added that good attendance levels at this year's show proved that women want to take time out to indulge themselves.

'People are buying the key pieces whether it's a new foundation, investing in a really nice massage, or researching what's out there and finding the right products for them,' Ms Dean stated.

Ladies should also ensure they update their natural skin care items regularly, even if cash is tight, as recent research from department store Debenhams found that the average cosmetics bag is out of date by four years.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19683845-ADNFCR

Monday, 22 March 2010

How to apply natural lipstick that lasts

How to apply natural lipstick that lasts
When it comes to applying natural lipstick, there are various steps you need to follow to ensure the colour lasts.

Executives at fashion house Chanel have predicted that 2010 will be the year of the lipstick, so you may want to make sure you know how to apply the product and keep up with the latest trends.

Saks' beauty guru Kirsty Jewson said that you must to start by exfoliating the lips to ensure they are not dry.

Following that, you need to apply a primer to give the lipstick something to stick to, she explained.

'Next, apply concealer around the lip line this will help to prevent bleeding. Try and apply a lip liner in a neutral colour, then apply the lipstick with a lip brush and build up the colour,' Ms Jewson advised.

Ms Jewson also suggested using a little gloss on top of the natural lipstick to keep the pout looking healthy.

You also need to make sure you reapply your natural lipstick throughout the day as needed, she added.

Superfoods in demand as part of natural skin care regime

Superfoods in demand as part of natural skin care regime
People are increasingly adding 'superfoods' to their natural skin care regime as they aim to enhance their beauty from within, according to experts.

Linda Miles, vice president of derma e Natural BodyCare, told Inside Cosmeceuticals that commentators have been lauding superfruits, and this is being taken on board by customers.

'Because of the research and the media's frequent mention regarding their antioxidant-rich anti-ageing properties, consumers are becoming more familiar with superfruits' benefits,' she told the news provider.

Talent agency Models Direct is one of the companies bringing superfoods to the attention of the media, recently issuing a list of the eatables for boosting health and helping people to feel good.

Ms Miles highlighted pomegranates, which contain anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties to help prevent fine lines and reduce free radical damage, and grape seed oils, which moisturise the skin.

Dr Jeanette Jacknin, a board-certified and licensed dermatologist, added that the use of superfruits in natural skin care products has been welcomed.

Nvey Eco Cosmetics wins award for natural makeup

Nvey Eco Cosmetics wins award for natural makeup
Nvey Eco Cosmetics has won an award for one of its natural makeup products and has been highly commended for four others.

The company received the Best Eye Shadow prize in The Natural Health and Beauty Awards 2010 for its Eye Shadow Palettes.

These natural makeup products are formulated using organic elements such as chamomile, corn silk and jojoba oil, with added antioxidants, vitamins A,C and E, which makes them particularly beneficial for dry and sensitive skins.

Nvey Eco Cosmetics was also highly commended in four other categories from The Natural Health and Beauty Awards 2010: mascara, concealer, blusher and lip gloss.

The organic makeup company has been an award-winner for the last two years, in 2008 taking the prize for its Eco Erase concealer.

According to the judges, the product was the best they had ever come across.

It was described as 'easy to apply', covering blemishes and shadows 'brilliantly without looking 'cakey' or flaking'.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Increasing move towards natural skin care

Increasing move towards natural skin care
The owner of a clinic in Huddersfield has revealed that many of her clients are moving towards natural skin care because of scares surrounding synthetic ingredients.

Aesthetic nurse Greta Bumstead told the Huddersfield Examiner that she uses mostly chemical free skin care, particularly products that do not contain parabens.

She said that scares surrounding parabens have meant that an increasing number of her clients were asking for chemical free skin care and makeup.

They may have been inspired by celebrities, as the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer prefer to use organic skin care, according to the Mirror.

Pharmaceutical researcher Dr Laura Waters, course leader for pharmaceutical science at the University of Huddersfield, said that there has been a mass of conflicting information on parabens.

A recent report in the Journal of Cosmetic Science said that parabens have not been found to cause cancer, but they may lead to dermatitis and can mimic the actions of the hormone oestrogen.

'The fact they act as mimics is a worry,' she told the Examiner.

Pure mineral natural makeup products 'have longer shelf life'

Pure mineral natural makeup products
Mineral products tend to have a longer shelf life than synthetic cosmetics, so women with these natural makeup items should be able to use them until they run out.

Melissa Evans, celebrity makeup artist for Click Makeover, told the Daily Mail: 'If used hygienically, there should be no reason to throw pure mineral powders away before they are finished.'

However, any natural makeup that is called mineral but is in a cream or stick form is not pure, she warned.

Ms Evans told the newspaper that these products will have had other ingredients added so they should be treated the same as regular cosmetics.

In that case, ladies should be looking at the best before date and making sure they throw the product away when it is past this.

Recent research by Debenhams found that most women do not throw out natural makeup when it has passed its expiration date and only replace products when they have run out.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Spruce up natural makeup with candy colours

Spruce up natural makeup with candy colours
Candy colours are set to be big this spring and summer so you may want to invest in natural makeup in pinks, yellows and blues to follow this trend.

However, before you start spending your money, Saks' beauty guru Kirsty Jewson said that the colours need to be carefully matched to skin tone.

'Generally coral colours suit pale skins and pink tones suit darker skin tones,' she explained. 'This is not set in stone but helps you to choose.'

Ms Jewson advised ladies to choose natural cosmetics that they feel comfortable wearing, rather than simply blindly following the fashion.

She suggested that women try pastel colours on just one area and see what suits them best.

'Why not try the eyes first, or your lips,' she advised.

Candy colours have been seen at shows in Paris and Milan, after the natural makeup and grunge looks that were big in New York and London.

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux went for a peachy, off-orange colour over the eyes, temples and lips for the Kenzo show.