Thursday, 25 March 2010

Boost natural skin care regime with top 5 beauty foods

Boost natural skin care regime with top 5 beauty foods
While natural skin care is a great way to get a healthy complexion, diet is also really important.

SugarScape has named its top five beauty-boosting superfoods: oats, watercress, garlic and onions, nuts and avocado.

The news provider said that starting the day with a bowl of porridge gives the skin a boost as it contains high levels of magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamins E and B.

Watercress contains vitamin A, which is good for treating, acne and C, which helps to strengthen the skin, according to SugarScape

Garlic and onion, meanwhile, contain sulphur which leaves you with a really soft complexion, providing a great boost to your natural skin care regime, the news provider added.

It said that Brazil nuts, cashews and walnuts are also ideal for treating acne due to their high selenium content.

Avocado, meanwhile, contains good fats which restore moisture and relieve dry skin, so are great for eczema sufferers, SugarScape highlighted.

Linda Miles, vice president of derma e Natural BodyCare, recently told Inside Cosmeceuticals that superfoods are in demand as the media has helped to highlight their benefits.

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