Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Combine wet and natural hair styling for dual textures

Combine wet and natural hair styling for dual textures
Dual-textured styles, combining wet and natural finishes, were a key feature of the London catwalks and women can achieve this look at home using natural hair styling products.

Efi Davies, international artistic director at TONI&GUY, said that this was one of the more transferrable looks from the runways.

The high street salon's autumn/winter session trend report identified that the juxtaposition of textures was seen at the David Koma, Todd Lynn and Betty Jackson shows.

Ms Davies explained that the secret to recreating it is to strike a balance between the two finishes. Using the right hair styling products is therefore vital.

'For a simple variation place hair into a ponytail, either just below the occipital or at the nape,' she suggested.

Ms Davies said that women need to use a mixture of gel and frizz-control natural hair styling products, painting these onto the front section of the hair for a wet look.

'Leave the length of the ponytail as a natural texture, or smooth over using irons for a chic high-fashion feel,' she advised.

You then need to complete the style with a natural hair styling product that has a shine finish, Ms Davies added.

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