Monday, 29 March 2010

Cosmetics 'play significant role in life'

Cosmetics can play a significant role in how your life turns out because of their scientifically-established ability to enhance attractiveness, according to biologists.

It is hardly surprising then that, according to research by Superdrug, women spend on average almost £9,000 on makeup during their lifetime.

Behavioural biologist Bernhard Fink, of the University of Gottingen in Germany, told that cosmetics improve looks in a 'quantifiable and real-world relevant way', so using natural makeup could be doubly beneficial for you by enhancing your appearance and being good for your skin.

Mr Fink said that a uniform skin tone is a sign of health, so natural makeup like foundations and concealers are good for giving off an impression of fitness and vitality.

According to, studies have found that the eye regions of women tend to be darker than the rest of the face and augmenting this contrast showcases femininity.

Therefore natural makeup products like mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow are useful for boosting attractiveness.

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