Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Creating a casual updo using natural hair styling products

Creating a casual updo using natural hair styling products
The effortless updo was one of the top trends to emerge from the London and New York catwalks and women just need some natural hair styling products and their fingers to create the look.

Georgia Collins, writing for Elle magazine, said that the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Marni all went for casually elegant styles.

These contrasted with the schoolgirl-style plaits, twists and braids which were also seen on the London runways.

Hair expert Andrew Barton recently told the Mirror that it is the kind of style which suits Pixie Lott as it is cutting edge and cool.

As for the effortless updo, stylist Paul Hanlon, who created the looks at Pringle and Marni, told Elle that fingers are an 'essential tool', as well as natural hair styling products.

'To start just gather hair with your fingers and loop up into a half do. Pull random sections out afterwards to soften it up - a dry, wispy texture is crucial,' he explained.

The magazine recommended using a gel to help create feathery feel.

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