Monday, 15 March 2010

Hair colour goes natural for spring

Hair colour goes natural for spring
Hair colours are going natural this season so women may want to choose organic hair dyes that do not stray too far away from their normal shade.

Carol Cini, stylist and co-owner of Taz hair salon, told Canwest News Service: 'There's definitely a movement toward natural tones, as opposed to brighter tones. It's the idea of enhancing your colour rather than changing it.'

As for styles, long, luscious locks with plenty of waves and texture will be in this spring and summer, according to the expert.

She told the news provider that the trend goes hand-in-hand with fashions at the moment.

In fact, one of the top hair trends to emerge from the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris is the dual-textured style, combining slick and wispy elements.

'Women are going really long, with lots of waves and lots of texture,' Ms Cinie explained.

Ms Cini recommended using natural hair styling products like mousse for volume and hold. She also suggested using rollers and straightening irons to help achieve extra waves and curls.

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