Monday, 22 March 2010

How to apply natural lipstick that lasts

How to apply natural lipstick that lasts
When it comes to applying natural lipstick, there are various steps you need to follow to ensure the colour lasts.

Executives at fashion house Chanel have predicted that 2010 will be the year of the lipstick, so you may want to make sure you know how to apply the product and keep up with the latest trends.

Saks' beauty guru Kirsty Jewson said that you must to start by exfoliating the lips to ensure they are not dry.

Following that, you need to apply a primer to give the lipstick something to stick to, she explained.

'Next, apply concealer around the lip line this will help to prevent bleeding. Try and apply a lip liner in a neutral colour, then apply the lipstick with a lip brush and build up the colour,' Ms Jewson advised.

Ms Jewson also suggested using a little gloss on top of the natural lipstick to keep the pout looking healthy.

You also need to make sure you reapply your natural lipstick throughout the day as needed, she added.

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