Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Most singles 'prefer people with natural grey hair'

Most singles
Two-thirds of British singles prefer natural-looking grey locks, although 68 per cent of women would reach for the organic hair dyes to cover up silver strands, according to research.

A survey by Parship.co.uk found that 35 per cent of men and 28 per cent of women prefer grey tresses to dyed hair.

However, the poll of 1,000 single people revealed that the majority of women under 50 would definitely opt for the likes of organic hair dyes to colour their tresses if they were more than 25 per cent grey.

This is despite the fact that 40 per cent of men and 26 per cent of women feel that grey hair does not detract from someone's appeal, but in fact enhances it.

'More often than not, it's how we think people will perceive us that drives us to the dye bottle or colourist,' said Dr Victoria Lukats, psychiatrist and dating expert.

This was the reason that Hayden Panettiere gave for dying her hair red. She recently revealed to US Weekly that she changed her colour because she was sick of being perceived as cute because of her blonde locks.

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