Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Natural brushes 'best for applying makeup'

Natural brushes
High quality brushes are worth paying for and women should go for ones with natural bristles as they work best for applying powders, according to an expert.

Makeup artist Troy Surrat, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Freida Pinto, told Allure magazine that natural bristles are fluffier and have a cuticle that 'grabs pigment and holds it until you place it exactly where you want on the face'.

He recommended pony hair, goat or kolinsky sable, although he also told the magazine that synthetic brushes are best for applying cream and liquid natural cosmetics.

Women should get four different types of brush to apply organic cosmetics, according to the expert.

He suggested buying a large powder brush, a smaller, fluffier one for blusher and bronzer, an eye shadow brush about the size of a fingertip and an even smaller one for smudging and blending.

'Look for a slightly domed shape,' he recommended. 'It rolls best across the skin and deposits less pigment [all at once].'

It is also important to wash brushes once a week, but a recent survey by Debenhams found that 72 per cent of women never clean their tools.

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