Monday, 1 March 2010

Older women should avoid natural makeup in shimmer finishes

Older women should avoid natural makeup in shimmer finishes
Women should avoid using natural makeup in shimmery finishes once they get beyond their 20s, as shiny products show up any minor creases in the skin, according to an expert.

BellaSugar Australia suggested that women choose matte shadows and lipsticks instead, which 'do an expert job of erasing lines and wrinkles'.

Once they get to their 40s, it is advisable to ditch the dark lip colours as these draw attention to lines in and around the mouth, the news provider said. They should opt for a natural lipstick instead.

'Keep lips in the neutral colour family,' BellaSugar Australia recommended. Since nude shades were one of the key trends to emerge from London Fashion Week, older women can rest assured that they will remain fashionable even if they have to forgo their beloved red lipstick.

The news provider also reminded women to ensure they stick to their natural skin care regime to maintain a radiant complexion. They should be regularly moisturising to keep skin healthy.

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