Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Organic skin care products recommended for all complexions

Organic skin care products recommended for all complexions
When it comes to getting a complexion worthy of a supermodel, using the right products and being dedicated to your natural skin care regime are vital.

Lucy Godfrey, writing for The Fashion Time Magazine, said that women should aim to incorporate a face scrub into their natural skin care regime once or twice a week.

Ladies should apply a face scrub by massaging it gently into the skin and should not forget the neck, she said. Do not be too rough as this can lead to soreness.

Ms Godfrey recommended that women with both normal and sensitive complexions use organic skin care products.

Ladies with particularly sensitive skin should avoid any harsh products, she advised.

'Once you find a brand that suits your skin stick to it, don't believe in changing products to keep your skin in check. It doesn't work,' Ms Godfrey suggested.

Elsa McAlonan, writing in her Beauty Confidential column for the Daily Mail, recently recommended that women use soaps from natural body care ranges to keep the skin supple.

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