Friday, 19 March 2010

Pure mineral natural makeup products 'have longer shelf life'

Pure mineral natural makeup products
Mineral products tend to have a longer shelf life than synthetic cosmetics, so women with these natural makeup items should be able to use them until they run out.

Melissa Evans, celebrity makeup artist for Click Makeover, told the Daily Mail: 'If used hygienically, there should be no reason to throw pure mineral powders away before they are finished.'

However, any natural makeup that is called mineral but is in a cream or stick form is not pure, she warned.

Ms Evans told the newspaper that these products will have had other ingredients added so they should be treated the same as regular cosmetics.

In that case, ladies should be looking at the best before date and making sure they throw the product away when it is past this.

Recent research by Debenhams found that most women do not throw out natural makeup when it has passed its expiration date and only replace products when they have run out.

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