Thursday, 11 March 2010

Red eyes 'will be top natural makeup trend for spring'

Red eyes
Red eyes are set to be one of the top trends for the spring/summer season so women should get their hands on natural makeup in scarlet shades.

While there has been plenty of nude looks on show recently, colour has certainly not gone away. For example, Hilary Mantel, writing for the Guardian, recently said that navy and purple are being used to update the ever-popular smoky eye.

As for the red eye look, Stylist magazine said that women need to be careful about how they apply their natural makeup to get it right. They should begin by using a primer to avoid the red shadow to avoid it clumping in the creases of the eye.

'Make sure that red are not too post-boxey and opt for shades with a bronze, golden edge to them,' the magazine recommended.

These colours look fantastic with green eyes, while shades that are towards the more bronze end of the palette work brilliantly well with brown eyes, it said.

Women should look for cream-pressed or loose shadows with slight shimmers and when it comes to applying the product, they should fade the colour out along the eyelid, according to Stylist.

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