Monday, 1 March 2010

Using natural hair care to boost volume

Using natural hair care to boost volume
Maintaining full and glossy hair can be difficult as you get older, although younger women can have similar problems and require natural hair care to combat them, according to an expert.

'Low iron levels, thyroid problems, nutrition and hormone-related conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, can reduce volume,' Trichologist Philip Kingsley told the Daily Mail.

'It's partly caused by there being fewer hairs on the head, but also the hairs are finer,' Mr Kingsley told the newspaper.

He advised women not to use chemical solutions, like man-made dyes, which swell the hair shaft.

Instead they should look for natural hair care that will not change the structure but finely coat each hair to make it temporarily appear thicker, such as volumising mousse.

Another way to inject volume into the hair is to blow dry tresses with your head upside down, he said.

Frederic Fekkai, a leading hair expert, recently told Stylist magazine that using henna treatments can also help to reduce damage to hair, restoring shine and giving an instant injection of colour.

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