Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Amber Le Bon gives natural beauty tips

Amber Le Bon gives natural beauty tips
When it comes to skin care, natural beauty Amber Le Bon knows what she's talking about.

The model, daughter of style icon Yasmin Le Bon, told Look magazine that the best advice she has ever had when it comes to taking care of her complexion is to remove her makeup.

'I always take my makeup off before bed,' she said.

The advice came from her mum, so women may want to follow Amber and Yasmin's lead and invest in natural skin care products like cleansing milk, cleansing wipes or eye makeup remover.

Amber also told the magazine that her top beauty essential is hairspray.

'I take hairspray everywhere because my hair's quite flat and I like to give it a bit of a bounce.

Amber's mum Yasmin has told Stylist magazine that while she doesn't have a can't-live-without-it beauty product, she always uses moisturiser, so women may want to incorporate this into their natural skin care regime.

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