Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Choose bold lip colour to draw attention to natural smile

Choose bold lip colour to draw attention to natural smile
Making sure your lips are the centre of attention is a sure fire way to enhance your natural smile.

Celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson Ariane Poole said that applying a bright or glossy lip colour will draw attention to the mouth, so you may want to pick up a bold natural lipstick.

'It really doesn't matter what kind of shade, [make it so] the real interest is at your mouth,' she advised.

'If you are going to be using bright colours make sure they are applied absolutely perfectly,' Ms Poole stressed.

You can get away with not using lip liner with softer, neutral shades, she said. However if you opt for bolder colours like corals, pinks and reds which are fashionable at the moment, you need to make sure they are not 'wonky'.

Ms Poole also recommended exfoliating the lips before applying colour as it will not look good if the pout is dry, cracked and chapped

If you like the red lip trend but aren't keen on going too bold with it, Chris Mayes, of US department store Nordstrom, has some tips.

He told WFAA.com that lipstick can be worn more casually if it is applied over the top of lip balm.

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