Friday, 16 April 2010

Eco-awareness boosting natural cosmetics popularity

The rise of the public's awareness about environmental issues has led to an increase in the uptake of natural cosmetics and makeup products.

That is according to beauty expert Jo Horgan, who told the Sydney Morning Herald that sustainable fashion and shopping has filtered through to the makeup industry, with more people demanding organic cosmetics.

'Wellness is the holy grail of our times and the shift towards more natural cosmetics is being driven by consumers who want quality and effective products - a natural claim is no longer enough,' Ms Horgan said.

The specialist also claimed that the cosmetics industry is currently seeing the natural and organic makeup side of its products become the fastest growing sector.

The Beauty is Easy blog recently recommended using a selection of Lavera's natural makeup products – such as eyeliner and lipstick – because they give a subtle look and stay on all day while being easy to wash off.


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