Friday, 16 April 2010

Foundation and natural makeup needed for 'flawless face'

Women who want to get the most out of cosmetics should use natural makeup to create a more organic look, it has been said.

The Vancouver Sun cited Daniel Thompson, creative director and cofounder of Daniel Thompson Beauty in Toronto, who suggested that foundation and concealer are important for creating the perfect 'canvas'.

'It catches light and it smooths the appearance of the texture of the skin so that when makeup goes on - eyeshadow, makeup, blush - everything looks harmonised. And it evens out skin tone.'

The expert added that natural makeup can then be applied in 'simple strokes' to paint a 'dramatic picture', recommending that tinted moisturiser should match skin tone for a more organic look.

Emily Daniels, makeup artist at US beauty salon The Spa, recently told the Des Moines Register that natural makeup users having to rush out in the morning should use products with a creamy texture for faster application on their cheeks.


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