Friday, 23 April 2010

How to match natural lipstick to skin tone

How to match natural lipstick to skin tone
Women with olive-toned skin should go for natural lipstick with a glossy finish to make the most of their complexion.

Style and beauty expert Jenn Falik shared her tips with CBS' The Early Show and explained that the 'gold tones in olive skin just look extra amazing when there is shimmer and shine involved'.

A bright red natural lipstick with pink undertones complements warm, olive tones, she continued.

This is the ideal way to draw attention to the mouth, according to celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson Ariane Poole, who recently recommended wearing a bright or glossy colour to enhance your natural smile.

Ladies with dark complexions should also focus on the lips. However, these women should go for a colour that 'looks more rich and less neon'.

'Something can be bright but it still can be warm,' she told the TV show.

Ladies with fair complexions can go bright with their natural lipstick but need to make sure it doesn't look too heavy, so a stain is ideal, Ms Falik said.

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