Friday, 9 April 2010

Justin Bieber: I prefer natural-looking ladies

Justin Bieber: I prefer natural-looking ladies
Fresh-faced pop sensation Justin Bieber has revealed that he prefers women who do not plaster on the makeup.

He may well prefer those ladies who wear organic makeup, as Bieber said that he likes the natural look and is not a fan of women who put so much makeup on that it is difficult to tell what they really look like.

What he does like are girls who have both an attractive smile and nice eyes, so using organic makeup around these features could help ladies highlight their beauty.

'Some girls are beautiful but insecure and look much better without the makeup, but decide to put loads on,' he explained to the Top of the Pops Magazine.

He also revealed to the publication that he was only recently given permission from his mother to start dating.

Jessica Simpson recently appeared on the front cover of Marie Claire without any makeup at all - something that Bieber may applaud.

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