Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lavera's bronzing lotions 'deliver super, natural-looking tan'

Lavera's self-tanning lotions have been recommended by a reviewer, who said that you can't go wrong with the natural body care company's products.

Liz Thompson, writing for Feel Good Style, said that fake tan products has come a long way in terms of looking natural and being easy to apply.

'The best part [is] you don't have to compromise safety for a summer glow,' she added.

Her favourite fake tanning products are those by Lavera. 'They go on easily, deliver a super, natural-looking tan and moisturise skin to boot,' Ms Thompson said.

She added that these natural body care products do not leave you with orange palms or weird streaks, but did stress the importance of exfoliating before use to provide a smooth canvas for an even tan.

Lavera's tanning formulas are made with organic ingredients, are non-toxic and use 100 per cent plant-derived active ingredients.

For example, The Sensitive Self-Tanning Lotion contains organic aloe vera to soothe and moisturise the skin, as well as vitamin E and green tea to provide extra nourishment and an antioxidant effect.

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