Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lavera's natural makeup recommended by reviewer

A selection of Lavera's natural makeup has been recommended by an expert who tested them, who said they gave a subtle look.

According to the reviewer from Beauty is Easy, Lavera's eyeliner 'is creamy and glides on easily'. She said it stayed on all day and washed off easily.

The beauty writer said that Lavera's mascara applies easily 'without clumps in a few swipes' and left her lashes 'very soft and flexible'. Also, the formula did not flake or smudge.

She added that it was great for a natural makeup look.

The reviewer raved about Lavera's Organic Mineral Lip Gloss. 'I love this gloss,' she said. 'It is truly the only gloss I have ever tried that is not at all sticky.'

'This is also the most moisturising gloss I've ever tried,' she added.

In addition to natural mascara, lip gloss and eye liner, Lavera also produces eye shadow duos made from natural mineral pigments, organic jojoba and calendula oil.

A light make-up fluid and tinted moisturiser are also available.

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