Monday, 12 April 2010

'Natural makeup' secret for Miley Cyrus

The makeup artist for singer and actress Miley Cyrus has revealed how she achieved an organic look for the celebrity using natural cosmetics.

Working with Miley on her new film The Last Song, in which she plays a rebellious teenager called Ronnie Miller, Julie Hewitt said that she was helped by the fact that the Hannah Montana star has good skin.

Speaking to Hollywood Life, the makeup artist added that natural skin care products such as sun block had to be used because most of the film is set on the beach and Miley's skin needed to be protected.

Ms Hewitt said that a tinted moisturiser and bronzer was used as well as the sunscreen, while the organic makeup gave a minimal look to emphasise the star's natural beauty.

Miley could have attracted the attention of fresh-faced pop sensation Justin Bieber, who recently revealed that he prefers women who wear organic makeup and keep their natural looks on show.


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