Thursday, 15 April 2010

Match foundation to natural skin tone after 50

Match foundation to natural skin tone after 50
Mature women should be using a light foundation that matches their natural skin tone to keep looking gorgeous, according to an expert.

Once women get over 50, they need to be applying foundation sparingly, according to professional makeup artist Brigitte Bigeard, writing for Focus On Style.

There is a rule of thumb for ensuring the colour matches your natural skin tone. Freelance hair and makeup artist Diane Kostick told Canwest News Service that testing foundation in the crease between the thumb and index finger gives the best results.

Ms Bigeard said that women should also be using a concealer that has a light texture.

She advised older ladies to be careful with colour when choosing a concealer from a natural makeup range, as if it is too light it can give a grey appearance.

'Make sure that you powder lightly afterward. I tend to use a powder brush to apply it evenly all over the face and not have any blotching,' Ms Bigeard continued.

Eyeliner should just be applied on the upper lid to avoid a heavy look and women should be looking for a rose or beige blush from a natural makeup range, she said.

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