Thursday, 8 April 2010

Natural body care products can be used for pale tan

Natural body care products can be used for pale tan
It has taken a bit longer for people to get back into self tanning with the cold weather, but they have hit the bronze in the last few weeks, according to an expert.

Last year there were lots of people looking to bronze in the early months of the year, but people have been a little slower on the uptake in 2010.

The trend this year has been for a more natural look, with the 'no-tan tan' being popular among celebrities.

Salon owner and beauty expert Belinda Price said that women who want to go for the paler look that Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud has been championing can use natural body care products.

She recommended a moisturiser with a hint of bronze as a 'good option for anyone wanting a DIY paler tan'.

When it comes to choosing the right tanning shade, she said: 'Most good products will develop to a shade that's good for you as it works with the amino acids and sugars in your skin.'

Ms Price added that generally a lighter application of these natural body care products will mean a paler tan.

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