Monday, 19 April 2010

Natural makeup look 'helps to enhance smile'

Natural makeup look
Natural makeup is the key to enhancing your smile, according to an expert, who recommended making eyes more minimalistic to draw attention to the mouth.

Ariane Poole, celebrity make-up artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson, said that women should stick to a natural makeup look around the eyes, although this does not mean that it should be non-existent.

The expert, who has been a makeup artist for over 25 years and has worked with A-list celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurman and Yasmin Le Bon, recommended applying a little bit of liner along the base of the lashes.

In addition, you should be using 'loads of mascara', preferably a product that creates a false lash effect.

You should also tend to your brows and ensure they are a 'lovely shape' to make the most of their natural smile.

'People always say that you look at people's eyes when they speak but I find the tendency is to look at people's mouths, as that is the area that is moving,' she commented.

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