Thursday, 1 April 2010

Natural makeup trends becoming 'unashamedly feminine'

Natural makeup trends becoming
Models walking the runway in Christian Dior's spring/summer show resembled Lauren Bacall in the 1940s and women can use natural makeup to get this look.

Kate Shapland, writing for the Telegraph, said the effect was 'unashamedly feminine' and that it was a 'joyous return to colour in makeup' with 'proper lip and eye paint'.

She suggested that women go for a 'hint of colour' with sherbet shades and opt for 'just a wash over the lids'.

This is similar to the recent advice from Saks beauty guru Kirsty Jewson, who suggested that women try pastel colours on just one area of the face and make sure they feel comfortable wearing them.

Women should opt for brown or grey mascara, but never black, when buying natural makeup for this look, according to Ms Shapland.

Purples and mauves are the natural makeup shades you should pick if you have blue eyes, Ms Shapland said.

Those with green and brown eyes should opt for blue shades with lilac undertones, she added.

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