Monday, 12 April 2010

Natural skin care needed for 'perfect' complexion

An expert has said that natural skin care products should be picked before deciding which makeup to use.

Writing for the Ottawa Citizen, beauty specialist Martha Worboy claimed that even celebrities suffer from skin conditions, but use organic products to keep their complexions smooth.

Ms Worboy added that there are lots of treatments, foundations and powders available for those with skin problems and these should be the priority in order to look good.

The expert said that natural makeup can then be applied, recommending mineral-based products which are chemical-free and allow the skin to breathe after they have been applied.

'A loosely pressed mineral powder can offer more coverage than a creamy foundation or concealer since it won't fall into the crevices of acne scars or wrinkles as heavier coverup would,' she advised.

Fashion stylist Holly Qatari recently told that women opting for natural makeup need to use plenty of moisturiser because good skin care regimes will help the rest of the face look good, regardless of the style.


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