Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Red hair having a 'style moment'

Red hair having a
Red hair is having a 'style moment' this year as a host of celebrity beauties embrace their natural auburn locks.

Actress Karen Gillan, aka Doctor Who's new assistant Amy Pond, and singers Florence Welch and Nicola Roberts are becoming red trend-setters.

In fact, embracing natural colour is not just en vogue for redheads at the moment, with dyes being used to enhance hair rather than altering it substantially.

The Sun's beauty expert Sue Moxley has predicted that with these stars leading the way, titian locks will be big this year, so we may see ladies reaching for the natural hair dyes to follow their lead.

Celebrity hair stylist Andrew Barton told the newspaper that if you're not ready to go completely red, you can introduce titian sections using natural hair dyes rather than colouring the whole head.

To care for the colour, you need to use natural hair products - in particular shampoo and conditioner - that are specifically designed to prevent the dye fading.

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