Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shop online to save money on natural beauty products

Shop online to save money on natural beauty products
Shopping online for natural beauty products is a great way to hunt down the best deals, according to an expert.

A recent survey by Superdrug found that women spend nearly £9,000 in a lifetime on makeup, so saving money is likely to be a priority for lots of ladies out there.

Jo Fairley, author of Beauty Steals, told Metro: 'Because they can have fewer overheads to consider, online sites are often able to undercut regular beauty counters.'

However, she warned people to make sure they are buying for a reputable site, like, when buying natural beauty products.

Ms Fairley said another way of making sure you don't waste money when buying natural beauty products is to try them out before purchasing.

She recommended getting free samples so that you can test them at home, since most cosmetics companies won't allow you to return a product once you've opened it.

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