Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Use natural body care products before baring legs

Use natural body care products before baring legs
You're no doubt wanting to get your legs out now that the sun is shining, but you need to dig out those natural body care products to get your pins in shape.

Madeline Crisp, writing for the Mirror, recommended getting into the habit of body-brushing every morning to boost circulation and help flush out toxins, which are among the causes of cellulite.

'An added bonus is that scrubbing off dead cells helps less than perfect skin look smoother,' she explained.

'Work from the feet towards the heart on dry skin before you shower,' Ms Crisp recommended.

Exfoliating is important for helping to polish away micro-bumps that appear on the back of thighs and knees. It also gets rid of rough skin, so you may want to invest in a natural body care product like Logona's Tropic Body Scrub.

With coconut fibres and vitalising extracts of pineapple and papaya, this product gently exfoliates to produce a clearer, more refined skin texture.

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