Friday, 16 April 2010

Use sunscreen and moisturiser 'for summer'

Holidaymakers and those staying in the UK this summer have been advised to use natural skincare products such as sunscreen and moisturiser.

Women wanting to show off their skin when they head for hotter climates or as the weather improves in this country need to apply sunscreen every two hours to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays, the Times of India suggested.

The newspaper added that thick, oily moisturisers will also be detrimental to a healthy complexion, as they clog the pores. It recommended light, water-based products which are easy to apply.

It added that the right makeup should be used to compliment the natural skin care.

'Use liquid foundation for a lighter, mineral-based powder with a minimum SPF of 15. Avoid cream based makeup and apply natural looking glow,' the publication explained.

Top dermatologist Nicholas Perricone recently told Elle magazine that people should look for sunscreens from natural body care ranges that do not contain chemicals in order to avoid irritation.


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