Friday, 23 April 2010

Wear natural makeup with red hair

Wear natural makeup with red hair
If you decide to follow the trend for red hair this season then you'll need to go for a natural makeup look.

Anyone wanting to emulate the likes of Doctor Who star Karen Gillan or singers Florence Welch and Nicola Roberts, need to go for a natural-looking eyeliner in a creamy brown colour, according to beauty guru Sue Moxley, writing for the Sun.

'Add two or three coats of a good mascara to give definition, and go for browny lipstick tones,' she recommended.

However, if you can't go without a little drama in your look, you can use a black liquid liner to draw a thin stripe across the top eyelid, according to the expert.

'Choose a peachy blush to add warmth to cheeks … then use a deep matt red for the lips,' she recommended.

Ms Moxley advised avoiding pinky tones, as they do not work well with auburn hair.

Natural redheads often have pale skin, and Style and beauty expert Jenn Falik has told CBS' The Early Show that women with fair complexions should not go to heavy with a brightly-coloured lipstick.

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