Friday, 14 May 2010

Amanda Seyfried prefers natural hair styling

Amanda Seyfried prefers natural hair styling
Posted by Felicia Cardinal

Actress Amanda Seyfried has revealed that she prefers to stick to a natural hair styling regime, admitting that she doesn't own a hair drier.

The 24-year-old Hollywood star, who shot to fame in hit movies like Mean Girls and Mamma Mia, told InStyle Hair magazine that she has a low maintenance approach to her looks.

'I don't dry my hair. I probably flat iron my hair once every six months,' the natural beauty revealed to the publication.

She also said that she prefers to go for natural makeup and has only just discovered the benefits of blusher.

'I just started wearing blush and realise how much more alive I look with it on,' she added.

Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed that his natural hair care regime helped him to beef up for his role in new Disney film Prince of Persia.

He joked to Metro that scrubbing his long locks vigorously had built up muscles in his arms.

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